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Skechers Star Wars Collection: Darth Vader High Tops

Darth Vader High Tops c/o Skechers

Who's excited for Star Wars Episode VII?! You better believe we are going to the premiere on December 18th and reserved an entire row to enjoy the film with some of our closest friends! Skechers recently released a Star Wars collection of shoes just in time for the movie and holiday season. I can't even describe how psyched we were to review these shoes.

The details are amazing, so crisp and clear. I love that there's a little zipper on the side of the toddler size version, makes it SO EASY to put these on Zaden when we are in a rush out the door. The Gel Infused Memory Foam cushioned inside makes these perfect for playing at the park or wearing on long shopping trips. I don't have to worry about Zaden's feet hurting.

Those of you who really know Zaden knows he has only a couple pairs of favorite shoes. These have become new favorites. I'm convinced it's the cushioned inside and all the compliments he gets when he's wearing these (;

Skechers PLEASE create this style in women and men sizes! We would totally rock these as a family.

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  1. Love this...such a cute post and I'm definitely all about those shoes!

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