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Today Marks Year 24 || Birthday Giveaway Week Winners

Today is my birthday (insert all the happy emoji's here).

I appreciate all of the birthday wishes I have received so far today. 
My friends sure know how to make me feel loved.

Now the moment you have been waiting for.. the birthday giveaway winners are:

Eva Jo Romper Giveaway: Jenna Allen R.
Pink Blush Giveaway: Caitlyn S.
TWELVElittle Giveaway: Stephanie M.
JoTotes Giveaway: Kandi B.
Vionic Shoes Giveaway: Lisa Denise G.
Nena & Co. Giveaway: Olivia Y.
Jane Basch Giveaway: Sierra Ainge C.

Big congratulations to all the winners! Expect an email from me sometime tomorrow with details on how to claim your prizes.

To all those who didn't win:
Thanks so much for entering and reading my blog. Whether you are new here or have been reading for years I really appreciate YOU. I will be hosting more giveaways throughout the month so be sure to stick around and enter.


  1. Happy birthday pretty mama! Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!!! :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful day, you deserve it! :)

  3. Thanks again for your generosity and enjoy your Goody's winners!!! I love black and purple balloons. Your little boy is adorable. I hope you had a Fantastic birthday!!

  4. Happy birthday beautiful!

  5. Oh my gosh! I won the pink blush giveaway! yay- that's awesome!!!! ty! and happy bday! you are six years younger than me ! :( actually 7! I feel so old lol. Have a great bday and thanks so much for giving back to us each year! you look better and better- and your little one is so adorable! if you don't hear from the person who won the boots- let me know ;)