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Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor and PagerTag Review

How cute is Zaden in the stretching photos above? We went on a family walk shortly after taking these photos and Daryl captured us stretching. This kid is too darn cute (;

Today I will be reviewing the Wireless Heart Rate Monitor and Pager Tag that I have received from Beets Blu.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitor:

Working out is easily one of my favorite hobbies and is something I take very seriously. I always have a better day when I get in a quick workout and get so much more accomplished.

When doing any form of exercise I love keeping track of my heart rate. It gives me a better idea of when I'm in the "fat burning" zone and when I need to take it up or down a notch. Most heart rate monitors require you to wear a watch with them but this one doesn't! The Wireless Heart Rate Monitor from Beets BLU has Blue Tooth Smart built into it which can keep track of your heart rate as long as your phone is within 33 feet. This is perfect for when I do fitness classes like Zumba Toning or Zumba Step at my gym. I don't need to worry about keeping my phone on me at all times but can set it aside in the classroom.

Beets Blu Wireless Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with equipment that has Bluetooth Smart built into it (look for the Bluetooth Smart logo on the side of fitness equipment). It's also supported through various Fitness Apps available in the iPhone and Android markets. Some of my personal favorites are Endomondo (I use this to track my distance when jogging/walking outdoors or around the track at my gym) and Heartrate Monitor (for tracking my heart rate when lifting, HIIT, or doing classes at the gym).

The only downside to this heart rate monitor is that it isn't water proof. I love swimming in the summer and would love a device that is waterproof to keep track of my distance and heart rate. Swimming is definitely my favorite form of cardio but I just can't convince myself to do it in the winter.


I can't even begin to count how many times I have been late due to my keys being lost. Whether I have misplaced them or Zaden has gotten a hold of them it's always frustrating being late due to this problem. Since moving into our new place earlier this year I have a designated spot for them and they are almost  always there. However, I'm not perfect and that's where the Beets Blu PagerTag comes to the rescue!

As long as I'm within 33 feet of my keys the alarm setting will work which is a loud beeping noise. Sometimes I will push it just for fun and have Zaden go find my keys. It's such a relief that I won't ever have an issue misplacing my keys anymore. This device can be placed in your wallet, camera bag, or hooked on anything you might be good at misplacing. I'm the queen of misplacing my credit cards and wish there was some sort of tracker for those suckers. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer for family members who have a tendency to misplace things (;

*Disclosure: All opinions expressed are my own . Beets BLU sent me these products for my review. I was not compensated in any other way or required to post a positive review about this product.*


  1. This was such a cute post and super useful. My mom always seems to be losing things so I'll have to look into this pager!

    a small bit | bloglovin | twitter

    1. Yes definitely go check them out. So helpful and affordable (double win)!

  2. Hahaha zaden makes me laugh!!! Love those tights on you too😘❤️

    1. Thanks so much! Didn't you tell me on the phone that you had some like this too?

  3. Also I need these in my life!!! Preggo brain forever lol