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Menswear Style: Refyne Wear

Blue & Gold Sock Tie c/o Refyne Wear

How cool is this sock tie from Refyne Wear? Refyne Wear is a new fashion company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been wanting to get Daryl more skinny ties for church and formal events and was more than happy to collaborate with Refyne Wear and take a few photos of Daryl is his new tie(s). I was very impressed with the ties, they are very well made and come in awesome designs. I'm hoping we can take the tripod out and get a few updated family shots sometime this week. I have coordinated outfits around Daryl's other tie. Can you guess which other one we picked out?

I will be giving away not one but THREE sock ties later this week. There will be three lucky winners so I highly suggest heading over to Refyne Wear to start shopping around and bookmarking/pinning your favorites (;

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