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VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask Review

I have an exciting and revolutionary product to share with you today. I don't know about you but practically my entire adult life thus far has involved a lack of sleep. When I'm really tired I sometimes get dark bags under my eyes. I was contacted by VIIcode to review and test their Anti Aging Eye Pads (available on Amazon).

"VIIcode's star products-Oxygen eye mask series, contains unique oxygen-producing plant extracts which activate a cell's oxygen capacities and help to reduce dark circles,fine lines and bags."  When reading this statement I was more than excited to give this product a try and see if I could see any noticeable differences.

When I first opened up the package I was surprised at how nice these eye pads are. They are very thick, soft, and easy to apply. Adding these to my bedtime routine every other night was super easy. After washing and drying my face I took a set out of the package and placed them under my eyes. I gently pressed along the pads to ensure my skin would absorb all of the natural ingredients. After wearing them for about 15 minutes I forget they are even on and wear them throughout the night (typically 6-10 hours). According to their site, 3 packages is considered a full treatment however, I started noticing results after one use and a much more even complexion and firmer skin after I used all six pads.

The only con's with these eye pads are they are rather large and on the expensive side. I'm pretty sure that in order to keep my results and keep my under eyes looking rejuvenated and fresh that I would need to continue doing a full treatment every six months or so. However, I think this is a much healthier, safer, and affordable alternative than getting botox or anything like that.

These would make amazing stocking stuffers this holiday season and if you order soon they are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas!

This post has been sponsored by VIIcode. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love who help support our family.

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