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Super Bowl Party Food & Style

Who's ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday? I'm not much of a sport-fanatic but when it comes to big sporting events I'm definitely in it for the food, socializing, and dressing for the occasion.

The Seattle Seahawks didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year so we are rooting for the Panthers! For our looks I simply purchased some Panther gear and colors. Both Z and I will be in leggings since no one wants to wear pants when pigging out on delicious Super Bowl food (;

I love putting together a fun table full of delicious snacks and having friends/family over.  I'm not much of a cook so I'm all about purchasing fun pre-made treats. How cute are these football cupcakes and cookies? I seriously couldn't get enough of them. Our family is also loves spinach dip and salsa so you know we will be snacking on that during the big game!

Something I don't have to worry about on Sunday is food stains thanks to Persil ProClean 2in1 detergent. This detergent was rated higher than any other stain removal detergent so I put it to the test. After pigging out on this delicious food Z had a few spinach dip and salsa stains on his blue shirt and it came right out. No second wash needed.

You can find more great recipes and product reviews from our friends at the Village Bakery.


  1. This party looks amazing and really cute! Great job!

  2. You're amazing, such a good mama seriously!!! Also I approve on the team you're wearing! Miss you guys❤️

  3. Super bowl party! Sounds simply amazing. All party photos are really amazing. Once I too hosted a super bowl party for my sister. We booked one of best party venues in Chicago for a surprise party. She loved everything in her surprise bash.