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Take Control of Your Online Identity with Sudo!

Thank you Sudo for sponsoring this post. #SudoRevolution

Have you ever had a bad experience shopping or selling online?

I think almost everyone reading this post can say they have had at least one bad experience with either or both!

In college I would sell many of my old textbooks thru either my amazon seller or KSL classifieds account. I felt so vulnerable having my email address and sometimes phone number on those sites. The thought that these people could easily look up my Facebook or blog and know quite a bit about me kind of frightened me.

My worst experience was selling my calculus book online through my amazon seller account. I clearly told the guy purchasing the book that it would arrive in 5-7 business days. He ended up finding the book from another seller who could ship it out sooner and demanded a refund from me a few days later. Long story short, I didn’t see his email until a few days later and he ended up saying some mean and scary things. I was so scared since he had my email address, phone number, and my living address was posted on the package sent to him. Although he lived across the country I feared he would hire someone to come vandalize our home or something. I know that’s pretty crazy thinking but you never know!

Luckily we were able to work out the miscommunication and he got his refund.

Back in the day when I was selling textbooks online I wish there was an app like Sudo. Sudo is an app that helps protect your safety, privacy, and personal data when connecting and socializing online. Sudo can automatically generate up to six private personas which empowers you to maintain control over your personal information. Each “Sudo” comes with an email address, phone number, password manager, and secure browser that doesn’t track anything you do.

Although I personally haven’t had any horrific experiences with fraud charges on my cards it’s reassuring knowing that using the Sudo app makes online shopping so much safer! Sudo generates credit card numbers to use when online shopping. The transaction still gets charged to your credit card but the merchant or any online hackers don’t have your actual credit card information!

You can get the Sudo app here and take control of your online identity!


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  2. looks like a great app! thanks for the info!

    Sandy a la Mode