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Vintage Coat, Polka Dots, and Filing Your Taxes with TurboTax

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Tax season is among us my friends. Having someone do your taxes can be a long and expensive process. If you work at a company you will most likely get back at W-9 and taxes and easy-peasy! However, if you are like me and run a blog or are self employed there are other factors you must be keeping track of throughout the year to make this time of year less stressful! You must be keeping track of income, expenses, and collecting all those 1099’s from companies you made more than $600 from over the course of the year. Having someone file your taxes can cost hundreds of dollars, yikes.

Luckily for me, TurboTax saves me so much time and helps keep me organized come tax season. I have always used TurboTax to file my taxes and love how easy and convenient it is to work on my taxes whenever I get a chance. As a mama and wife I can’t just drop everything to work on taxes so it’s nice knowing that whether I’m working on the computer or on the TurboTax app that my progress will be saved and I can just pick up where I left off.

TurboTax has included new tools that make it easier than ever to tackle your taxes quickly with confidence.

These are some of the new features I’m loving:

W2 Snap: Jumpstart your taxes with the snap of a picture! TurboTax will securely enter the information into the right forms. No need to worry about doing the busy work yourself, isn’t that amazing?

ExplainWhy: This feature give your personalized easy-to-understand explanations of the “why” behind your deductions, credit, and refund. You can rest assured knowing you are getting every dollar you deserve.

SmartLook: This new feature connects customers (like you) with live TurboTax experts using one-way video technology. Experts are there to answer your questions (for free) and highlight key fields and the next steps so you can complete you return with confidence. This feature is perfect if you have a quick question or need an expert to help guide you in the right direction.

We generally like to have our taxes done by March and using TurboTax gives me a sense of empowerment. It’s nice not having to put it off to the last minute and save hundreds of dollars to have someone else do them! If you haven’t tried TurboTax I encourage you to give it a try and take charge of your finances!

Want to know an amazing statistic? Nearly 5 million hard-working Americans filed their federal and state taxes last year for absolutely nothing with TurboTax® Absolute Zero. How neat is that? Instead of putting your money in someone else’s pocket I would like to encourage you to file now and check out TurboTax’s new features.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the retro vibe of this look!

  2. Love your blog and cant wait to read more!
    Vintage Clothing is my favourite...
    Emma x

  3. That coat looks gorgeous on you! Who takes your photos?

  4. So pretty! And thanks so much for the tip! Last year H&R block tried to charge us $300... not making that mistake again!

  5. Love the outfit! So classy <3

    Edye //

  6. You are so beautiful! And that coat is gorgeous.

  7. Woo this outfit is really gorgeous .Love the vintage vibe of this dress