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Reading Nook for Z with Pillowfort

This post is sponsored by Target Style 2016, but all thoughts are my own.
Have you shopped at Target recently? If you have stopped by their home decor department you might have noticed a new and exclusive kids home collection, Pillowfort. With nearly 1,200 new items and 12 stunning curated collections, there’s surely something that will catch every parent and child’s interest!

As a family, we are constantly working on making our apartment feel more like home. I’ve mentioned here on the blog before that we have never lived in an apartment for longer than a year. However, we really love our current place and plan on staying here until Daryl finishes school.

One area of our home that I have a particularly fun time constantly changing is Zaden’s room. His interests are ever-changing, and I like to make his bedroom/playroom a fun environment that he enjoys being in. It’s been a few months since I made any changes in his room, and I knew I wanted to add a reading nook somewhere in the apartment—a specific space other than our bed at night where we could read books together.

After much thought and moving some furniture around, we decided that the best place for his reading nook would be in a corner of his bedroom where his dresser previously was. Below, you can find the before and after shots:
Zaden currently has a safari animal theme in his bedroom, but before creating his reading space we were more than open to changing up the theme. I showed Zaden some of the themes on Pillowfort’s home page, and he was most interested in the discovery den space. The beanbag chair and dip-die bed canopy sparked Zaden’s interest. This looked like a perfect space to re-create and add our own finishing touches to, so I kept that page opened as I searched throughout the rest of Pillowfort’s collection for other perfect pieces.

The aesthetic of our home is simple with a touch of color. I kept that in mind while searching through the collection I kept that in mind since I wanted this space to go with the rest of Zaden’s bedroom/playroom. I knew for his reading space I wanted some sort of shelf, a small rug, and a couple fun pillows. I created a Pinterest board to see how all the items would potentially look and fit together! I’m honestly not great at interior design, and this really helped give me a vision of how I wanted the space to turn out.

Below are detailed shots of his reading nook! I love how the pieces came together and made the perfect reading space for Zaden! He absolutely loves it and loves to have us read him books in there.

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  1. Very creative reading nook! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love this idea, I'm anxious now to visit Target for ideas for my daughter's room.

  3. Love this idea, I'm anxious now to visit Target for ideas for my daughter's room.

  4. Very neat, love new ideas for the kiddos

  5. Very neat, love new ideas for the kiddos