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Mama and Z Style: Color By Amber Mother's Day Collection

Mama's jewelryCharity Necklace, Nurture Bracelet, & Poise Earrings c/o Color By Amber
Z's necklace: Sailor Tag c/o Color By Amber

I'm loving Color By Amber's Mother's Day Collection! So many beautiful and unique eco-friendly jewelry pieces. Today I've styled three pieces from their collection and love how it adds a feminine touch to my overall look. Color By Amber even sent Z this sailor tag which he loves.

I love this message from Color By Amber about what their Mother's Day Collection is all about:

"mother is the epitome of poise, she's there through thick and thin and does it all while maintaining her rock-solid courage. A mother is a haven from the daily storms of life; she's nurturing and always wishes you sweet dreams. Charity is her daily mantra as she selflessly provides for everyone she loves.

Tell that extraordinary woman in your life how much she inspires you with this year's Mother's Day Collection. Each piece has been named after the unique virtues that characterize a mother. From her unconditional love to her unstoppable strength, she is who we all aspire to be."

Hop on over and view their Mother's Day Collection here and start shopping and getting ideas for the special women in your life.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Cecillia! I absolutely love this! You and Z are the CUTEST! The joy and love in these pictures just made my day. Thank you!!!

  2. Beauti pictures and I love how you parted your hair!!! But don't get any ideas ;)

    Love you

  3. You two are so adorable! And congrats on the new addition to be as well, that is so exciting;)

  4. Dying over how adorable you two are! The little sweater is just...ah so cute :)

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  5. Wow, love these photos, so vibrant and alive!