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Prioritizing Time + Spending Quality Time with Loved Ones

Daffodil Leather Tote c/o Day & Mood

Day & Mood sent me this lovely tote to style and it's the perfect everyday bag right now. I'm not in need of a full diaper bag these days but have a slightly larger bag for treats and little things Z and I need when going out and about is essential. I love all of the pockets and the pretty pastel pink color. This tote is also available in camel, black, and light blue so definitely check it out!

Earlier this month, I went on a business trip to Colorado with two of my very best girlfriends and we had many deep conversations. The kind of conversations that make you think about things you want to change/do better in life. After hours of chatting and having time away from my boys I realized something that has been causing a lot of unnecessary stress in my life is my lack of prioritizing my time/taking on too much. In my adult life, prioritizing my time has always been a struggle for me. I have made it a personal goal of mine to "get my life together" sort of speak and figure out how to balance my time. It's so hard balancing family vs work life and also leaving sometime to do something I enjoy for myself or others.

I'm happy to say that since coming home from my trip I have done much better at planning my days. I slowly need to work at getting better at blogging consistently and not setting unrealistic goals. My goal for this upcoming month is to blog 3 times a week. I also really want to get my photography blog up and running so I can start sharing all of my work that I've been dying to share on a platform other than Instagram.

Sometimes it's extremely hard to work from home. I have to get myself out of bed early or spend late nights working in order to be the best mama and wife I can possibly be. I never want my work to get in the way of being there for my children when they need me. I also think it's very important to date each member of your family. Daryl and I have been very good at this our throughout our marriage and as soon as Zaden came into the picture I have made it a goal and priority to date him too.

It's the little moments that really count sometimes and a date doesn't always have to be this elaborate planned out evening but just special time set aside. Zaden is more than happy to go out and get a yummy treat with me or go to the park and have me chase him around and play whatever game he wants.

Now that Baby #2 will be joining us early this fall I know now is the time to organize and get my schedule together since we will have another sweet little spirit joining our family ♥

PS: These photos were taken over a month ago, hence why I don't look very pregnant, haha.


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