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Mama and Son Style: Agnes & Dora

Mama's Curie Dress c/o Agnes & Dora
Z's Snakeskin Shibori Leggings (size up for a comfortable pants fit) c/o Agnes & Dora

I've blogged two days in a row! What an accomplishment. This last Sunday I hit my 23 week pregnancy mark. Baby #2 is about the size of an eggplant and roughly 1.1 lbs. Now that baby is bigger I can feel baby's movements more and more. Which reminds me, I totally spaced sharing our big gender reveal on here (see instagram announcement here). My sweet and talented friend Roxana took some darling photos for us earlier this month. I will be sharing those on here later this week so stay tuned (; Anyway, feeling his little movements throughout the day sure makes my mama heart so happy knowing he is in there and doing well. I notice him moving around even more when I'm interacting and playing with Zaden, it's seriously the sweetest. I can't wait for these two brothers to meet!

Agnes & Dora sent Z and I some great items to style earlier this month. Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up on my dress size so I just barely got it exchanged this last week. There's no way I could fit into a size small with my growing body (; I absolutely love the print of this Curie Dress! It's perfect for all shapes and sizes and I love how it fits my pregnant body. Agnes & Dora also let me pick out a sweet pair of leggings for Zaden. I ordered a size up for a comfortable pants fit instead of a tight legging fit. I absolutely love how they fit him and that there's even a bit of extra room in the waist so they aren't so tight.

For these photos, I really wanted her to capture Z and I doing what we do best, playing. I love that these photos capture most of Zaden's favorite games at the moment.

Z's favorite games at age 3.5:

Hide and Seek
Pillow Fights
Play Fighting/Wrestling

His particular favorite at the moment is tag. I love it when he says, "Tag me mama, come taggggggg meeeee." It's seriously the cutest and a game we play several times a day. I absolutely love this age and love the playful/loving bond I share with Z. I can't wait to love and start making special memories with Baby #2 and watching these two brothers create a special brotherly bond.

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  1. Oh you two, I love these photos!!! I cannot wait to see you guys ❤️❤️❤️