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Summer Ready with Persil ProClean

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Summer is right around the corner and this summer will be a bittersweet one. It will be mine and Zaden's last summer before Baby #2 arrives early this fall. We are super excited to meet baby but I'm so worried about the transition. I've talked to many friends and family members and usually it's hardest on the kid (especially when going from no siblings to one).

I have planned all sorts of fun summer activities for Z and I to do this summer. Most of which include lots of exploring outdoors and yummy treats. Outdoor fun and food can take a toll on our wardrobes which is where Persil ProClean detergent comes into play! We have used this detergent for over two years and it always does the job. My laundry always smells super fresh after washing, removes all stains, and leaves my clothing nice and bright. No need to worry about dull clothing and tricky stains (;

Persil ProClean is now available at select Target stores nationwide and to everyone online, so be sure to snag yourself a bottle next time you are in need of more detergent!


  1. ahhhh!!! laundry mat pics always turn out so cute and these pics are no exception!! xoxo


  2. Again, these pictures - yes!! Love the laundromat setting.

  3. These pictures are ADORABLE. What a fun idea!!

    xo Ashley

  4. This is the cutest set of photos ever!! Also I need your tee!

  5. Adorable! It's pictures like these that will put a smile on your face on happy and sad days!!

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