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Must-Have Maternity Basics

Maternity Belly Support Tank Top c/o Blanqi || Supportwear Leggings c/o Blanqi || Pink Blush Kimono + Belt (last year) || Brooklyn Hats Wild Flower Hat || Steve Madden Boots || Gaby Stack c/o The Shine Project

Here's one of my favorite looks I have put together this pregnancy but almost a month late. I've seriously been so horrible at blogging this year guys.. ahhhh! I'm kind of jealous of all the recently pregnant ladies out there since they will get to take advantage of cooler fall/winter weather instead of dealing with heat and a big ol' belly hehe (;

This outfit includes two pregnancy must-have's I think every woman should consider investing in. Both items are from Blanqi. They carry THE BEST support wear! I wouldn't even bother investing in a cheap legging or tank top option when you can get simply the best from them.

Maternity Belly Support Tank Top: This top is an absolute dream. You would think because it's supportwear that it would be thick and unbearable in the heat. That's completely false. I have worn this layered up in 90 degree + weather no problem. I love that supports and alleviates belly weight giving my lower back a nice little break when I wear it. I also love the higher scoop neckline on the tank top and that it isn't ultra low. Very modest, seamless, and eases pain. I ordered my pre-pregnancy size as recommended on their site and it still fits great!

Supportwear Leggings: Okay guys, so prior to reviewing and trying these for myself I made a mistake and tried buying other cheaper maternity legging options. None of which are near as comfortable and supportive. These cling on to your maternity figure just right and offer complete coverage. Some of the other leggings I purchased have cut off mid belly which isn't very flattering or comfortable. I wear these leggings to nearly all of my photography gigs and style them different ways throughout the week, LOVE THEM!


  1. Wow, those leggings seem too legit to quit. I may invest in a pair because I'm sure I'll be wearing leggings every day near the end of my pregnancy in the winter. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I bought their leggings and completely agree. I purchased a cheap pair initially and was so disappointed! It's been way too hot for leggings in my third trimester but I imagine these will come in handy this fall as I'm transitioning back into normal clothes.

  3. seriously sooooo beautiful! :) love how you belted it, but the colors and jewelry are just {ahhhh!} :) :) :) too cute!
    xo, Jensyn

  4. I LOVE maternity leggings! And that support tank top looks like something that I need.