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30 Weeks

Maternity Belly Support Tank Top c/o Blanqi || Agnes & Dora Floral Skirt || Salt Lake City Skyline Necklace + Tiny Gold Heart Necklace c/o Doodle Beads || Black Cardigan (old) || Black Flats (borrowed from sister)

30 weeks already and only 10 or so more to go!

Here are some things I want to remember:

  • This little guy is so active and constantly moving around these days. I don't remember this much movement with Z. I was pregnant with Zaden 4 years ago.. crazy how time flies. 
  • I have also experienced heart burn twice in the last two weeks for the first time in my life! Both times occurring after eating large meals. 
  • At my 28 week appointment I found out that baby boy has already turned and is getting ready for his grand arrival. I'm secretly hoping he decides to come sometime between 39-40 weeks so we have extra time to spend as a family of 4 before I need to go back to photographing weddings. 
  • We haven't picked out a name yet but are slowly narrowing it down. We are all so excited to meet him.


  1. I'm due on Wednesday and we're still debating on our name choice! Ha! I love your little heart necklace.


  2. You are beautiful, great look!
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  3. You look stunning!! Simply gorgeous!

    xx, Elise

  4. Wow! 4 years ago! I remember following your last pregnancy. You're one of the women that inspired me to do an unmedicated birth after reading your birth story :)

  5. You look beautiful and I love this skirt! The next ten weeks are going to fly by!

  6. You are absolutely stunning! I wouldn't have ever guessed you were 30 weeks. I just had my first, a little girl, and am loving being a mother. Love your photos. :) xo


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