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Lime Ricki Swimsuit

Zippered Ivy One-Piece c/o Lime Ricki || Callanan Straw Hat || Salt Water Sandals

I have a bunch of posts lined up that I was meaning to schedule before we left to Arizona but due to a unexpected accident (Z fractured his leg, more on that later) I didn't have time to schedule and write posts before leaving. We have been staying at our friend Fati's house and the weather here is no joke, I don't know how people go out and enjoy here. I go out into the garage to put Z in the car seat and literally start sweating up a storm.

We have been busy doing other things while I have been visiting but I brought this swimsuit from Lime Ricki just in case we had a pool day. I'm sure we would have had one but since Z's leg is in a cast and it takes forever to dry we haven't really had a good opportunity to go. I love this swimsuit because it isn't maternity but it works with a bump. In these photos I'm a little over 27 weeks and it still fits great. I will be able to wear it postpartum too and it has a zipper which will make nursing baby #2 so easy.


  1. Wow, I'm surprised that this isn't a maternity swimsuit! Love that it has a zipper for easy nursing access.
    Seriously, AZ kinda sucks in the summer. Every time I have to go outside- usually just the walk from our front door to the car, from the car to a store, walking to the mailbox- I die a little inside. It takes like 10 minutes to cool down once I'm in the house and I forget about the heat until the next time I have to walk to our car, haha. Come back in the winter or spring time when it's worth living here :)

  2. Thanks for wearing a john Callanan hat for added UPF50 sun protection. I like the reto 50s look.

  3. You are so pretty!! Like pregnancy goals haha I am 36 weeks and my belly like came on fast so every suit lately is not cutting it haha I never bought a maternity suit and I only have a few weeks left so I just squeeze into 1 tankini that kind of fits still. I live in AZ so I feel you on that heat. It is brutal!! Hoping Z has a speedy recovery!! Ps already mentioned this on FB but seriously your photography is amazing!!! How long will you be in AZ?!


  4. Has anybody ever told you that you kind of look like Rose Byrne??? You are way too cute and I absolutely love this swimsuit!!!!
    XO Amanda |

  5. Are you kidding me? You're the cutest pregnant lady ever!