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K Couture + Ukies Shoes

Custom Blush Dress c/o K Couture || Comfortable Heels c/o Ukies

First of all I want to give a shout out to both K Couture and Ukies for being ever so patient with me. I have had both of these items for a couple of months now and both companies have been so sweet and understanding about how busy I have been as of late. This wedding season was no joke and as far as work goes I had a lot on my plate as a photographer and took on one too many blog opportunities too!

Let's start out by talking about this gorgeous blush dress! I absolutely love the color of this dress and have the hardest time finding blush items at the store. Does anyone else or am I the only one? I originally wanted to wear this dress to my sister in laws wedding this upcoming month but didn't read that sizes run 1-2 sizes small. Definitely check out the size chart when ordering ladies! K Couture also made the waist line higher for me for my growing bump! These photos were taken 2 weeks ago when I was 33 weeks pregnant and I BARELY fit into this dress lol. I'm pretty positive if I tried putting it on now it wouldn't fit. I'm hoping that even with the higher waist line that I will be able to wear this postpartum because I love the length. sleeves, and everything about this dress so much. If you are in the market for bridesmaid dresses or gorgeous custom dresses for a special upcoming event, go check out K Couture!

I also want to take a minute to talk about these comfortable heels from Ukies ! I'm not one to purchase shoes that are uncomfortable or that I will need to change out of within an hour or two of wearing. I was a bit skeptical about these heels at first but trust me guys these are SO COMFORTABLE. My feet are a bit swollen now that I'm getting close to the end of my pregnancy so you will usually find me in flats or sandals when working several hours on my feet. However, I do wear these to church, weddings, and date nights and they are easy to walk in and I haven't had any problems with them. If you need comfortable shoes for work or fun go check out Ukies, they have a variety of cute shoes to choose from (;


  1. You look stunning gal!


  2. Outstanding outfit.
    you're so sweet and gorgeous.
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  3. Wow, you are looking so beautiful, stylish outfits :)

  4. You look amazing doll! Love the way you put this whole look together along with the background

    Life is just Rosie

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