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Postpartum Style: Fall Essentials

I'm wearing: Cardigan from Octer || Plaid Tunic from The Red Closet Shop || Blanqi Supportwear Leggings || Chelsea Boots from Vionic

Shopping for nurse friendly clothing is so dang difficult! Much more difficult than shopping when pregnant in my opinion. When you're pregnant it's all about showing off the cute bump and I feel like a lot of regular clothes work as long as they fit (;

After Adrien was born I thought I would be in my post pregnancy clothes right away. Boy was I wrong! This weight wants to stay on and my bottomless pit of a stomach isn't helping either (; However, I can honestly say although it has been a little difficult that I accept my soft tummy and this extra weight. This weight didn't come on overnight and I won't lose it right away either. There's no reason to not love me as I am and every pound I gained was worth it for our little Adrien.

Instead of feeling sorry or bad about my postpartum body and not fitting into most of my favorite pre-pregnancy pieces, I have been doing a little shopping! I refuse to wear sweats and basketball shorts everyday until my old jeans/skirts fit! Not that there is anything wrong with that I just feel much better and get more accomplished personally when I "get ready" for the day.

These are a few of my favorite new mama fall wardrobe essentials:

Cardigans- Now that the weather is cooling down it's cardigan/jacket season! I personally prefer oversized cardigans since they double up as blankets when nursing little ones outside! They can even be used as a nursing cover if you feel the need to cover up (: I love this burnt orange cardigan I purchased through Octer! It covers the booty which is essential for me when wearing leggings as pants. I also love that it has pockets!!

Nurse Friendly Tops- When putting together an outfit for the day it's critical that I have easy access to my boobs for nursing! This top from The Red Closet Shop is a nursing mama's dream top! 
Button up + Tunic Fit + Flowy = Perfect Postpartum Top
I also love the vibrant colors! This top screams fall with the rich hues of oranges, reds, and browns. Oh and did I mention it's super affordable?! Only $21.99 and I got an additional 30% off my order using the discount code SURPRISE30 bringing it down to a little over $15.. such a steal!

Support Leggings- These support leggings from Blanqi are worth every penny! My tummy this time around feels extremely soft, so soft that I question whether I will ever have a waistline again (ha)! These leggings keep me nice and tucked in and help boost my confidence. I also love that they are breathable yet thick enough so your underwear doesn't show through. These leggings are also seamless and comfortable to wear all day! 

Comfortable Shoes- I can't go out and about running errands in heels/uncomfortable shoes. Any mama's out there that can.. kudos to you! These vionic booties have been my go-to's as of late! Quick and easy to put on and by far the most comfortable boots I own. You can read about the supportive technology they use in their shoes here.


  1. such cute photos!! and i love this look!!! and i agree, it took 10 months to gain it all, it will take time to shed it too. it's hard to remember that, but it's the truth! you look great no matter what!!


  2. That sweater looks incredibly cozy!

    Jenna from

  3. Cute pics Momma! Love your outfit! Stylish and practical!

  4. Love those colours for fall! And your pretty twirls! Great photos!

  5. I LOVE that cardigan!! I had so much trouble finding nursing friendly clothes. I thought because I was nursing I would loose weight quickly but that was NOT the case. Haha.

  6. This is such a cute style and your babies are so adorable! Great pics too!