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Zaden's 4th Birthday: Classic Fun Center in Orem

If you have been reading here for a while you know that I love to throw fun birthday parties! The older Zaden gets the more fun I have coming up with fun ideas to celebrate his special day. This year has been incredibly busy for me. Getting pregnant, having a new baby, and running a photography business on top of my blog and motherly/wife duties have made it the craziest (in a good way) year yet. I knew I wanted to take a simpler route this year and have the party somewhere else. After doing some research I came across Classic Fun Center in Orem!

I showed Z some of the photos online and he LOVED it and exclaimed that he wanted to have his party there. Classic Fun Center offers different party packages and they all come with hosts. I decided to go with a Semi-Private party since all of Zaden's guests would be under 8 and I wanted them to have the bounce and arcade area mostly to themselves.

We went with a simple dino theme! I got our dinosaur cake at our local Smith's grocery store and my sister was so kind and purchased the gift bags, dino masks, and a huge triceratops balloon. Classic Fun Center provided all the plates, utensils, a few balloons, and the table cloths!

The kids had an absolute BLAST in the bounce area.. and who am I kidding so did I! I definitely took advantage of that two hour period where we had the bounce area to ourselves. I love that our party host took care of all the major events so I didn't have to worry about it. She brought out the pizza's out when I requested them and drinks for our guests. It made his birthday much more enjoyable for me since I was able to spend more time with the kids in the bounce area.

The arcade area was definitely a hit among the adults. My sister and I took that clown game (first photo) a little too seriously and really wanted to beat the high score (it didn't happen). The games that were a hit amoung the adults were the Deal or No Deal game and the Basket Ball games! The kids had fun just trying a variety of games. Sandy's kids in particular were obsessed with the little carousel haha.

For the last hour of his party we had a private room which was really nice since Classic Fun Center opened to the public. We cut his cake in there and opened gifts. Zaden also got to spend 45 seconds in the prize cube and got to spin the birthday wheel! He had so much doing both. Our host Brinley then snapped a photo of the kids for his big birthday card which the staff decorated with dinosaurs!

If you are wanting a fun/care free birthday or party in general for your kids go to Classic Fun Center in Orem! They even have a blog post with tips on when planning a party with them. You can get 20% off your party package with discount code: dearestlou

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