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Nursing Friendly Romper from Loyal Hana

I'm wearing: Celia Romper from Loyal Hana | Bravado Nursing Bra  
Adrien is wearing: Hoodie Romper from June &January

It's been a breath of fresh air not being scared to nurse in public throughout my breastfeeding journey with Adrien. I haven't pulled out a 'nursing cover' once and it's been nice having that extra space in my diaper bag! Breastfeeding will never become normalize if people don't see it happen. It's a bond between a mama + baby that's so special and natural.

 I introduced Loyal Hana on my blog earlier this month and am wearing another nursing friendly piece! I love this romper, it's so timeless, comfortable, and an easy outfit. It's on sale too so if you're thinking about getting it hurry on over before it's gone for good (;


  1. that's so cute!! I basically stopped wearing rompers when I started breastfeeding my first because I felt so uncomfortable in them, but that looks so cute and so comfortable, plus discreet.