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Breastfeeding Clothing Must-Haves

Hey pregnant ladies and mamas, this post is for you! 
Today's post features three products I highly recommend for those of you who are/planning on breastfeeding. 

Bravado Designs Seamless Nuring Bra/Cami: First let's talk about nursing bras. It's so important to have proper support when breastfeeding. The first few weeks when your milk comes in are so rough. The feeling of engorgement and let down are no fun and having an uncomfortable nursing bra makes the experience so much worst, haha. Bravado Designs have the absolute best nursing bras around. I've tried bras from Target, Motherhood Maternity, and Walmart and no other nursing bras (that I have tried) compares. I own their seamless nursing bra and cami and they are so comfortable and supportive. I love the cami when I'm wearing tops that I need to pull up to nurse in, it just provides that extra bit of coverage. They have a variety of styles and colors you can check out here.

Blanqi High Waist Postpartum + Nursing Legggings: If there's one thing aside from a good nursing bra to invest in it's a GREAT pair of everyday leggings. I live in leggings and I have yet to find another brand other than Blanqi that I LOVE. The super high waist is my favorite feature. I'm not talking to the belly button ladies, these go all the way up and hit right under the bra. These are so nice when it comes to nursing in public since you can keep your mid-section completely covered. I mean more power to you if you don't mind your belly sticking out a bit while you nurse (; They are also moisture wicking and seamless, perfect for even the hottest of summer days. I lived in my maternity ones last year and I've been wearing these on a weekly basis since A was born. 

Pink Blush Robe: For the first 2 months, new breastfeeding mothers spend a majority of the time nursing. Babies eat so much and since they are still learning how to eat it takes a ton of time. I didn't get dressed very often the first few weeks and a pretty robe helps me feel put together and comfortable during the day. It also helps keep me covered up when guests came over without having to find an outfit to throw on. I love the different styles Pink Blush offers they truly have something for everyone.

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  1. I'm learning from you dear! Great post! Things to consider when I do have my own :) How lovely are your photos! Very great for editorial, I must say! Stay happy and lovely my dear!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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