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Lorena Canals Rug

How gorgeous is this rug from Lorena Canals? Our current rug in our living room is just about ready to make its way to the dumpster but I'm holding onto it until we move. I figured it would be best to use and style this rug at our next place.

We received the Berber in Black for our review. I wanted something very versatile and dark so it wouldn't show wear as easily. I immediately fell in love with the design and it seems very durable so far. If I'm completely honest I have only used it in the boys playroom for a few weeks. I can't testify that it is durable but so far it seems to be holding up great and still looks brand new. The selling point with these rugs are that they are MACHINE WASHABLE! I know I'm going to need to get another one for our bedroom, I really love the Berber in Beige and Azteca Natural.

Since I'm currently working on decluttering and getting ready to move here in the next few weeks I decided I would style this rug at Be More Studios! My friend Tara recently upgraded to a larger creative space and it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The open house is tomorrow 11-2pm (261 N. University Ave. Provo, UT). They are giving away free sessions and monthly sessions, trust me guys, you don't want to miss it.

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