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Comfortable Skechers and a Cute Top

My Outfit: Top || Jeans || Shoes
Z's Outfit: Top || Shorts || Shoes 
A's Outfit: Romper || Crochet Lamb

Oh man has it been a while since I have updated this space. You know that duplex we applied for back in May? Well, we got it! I have absolutely adored living in Lehi so far and am excited for all the memories we will make here. 

Our previous Skechers look was very casual and I got these shoes with the intention of wearing them for date nights and church. I love that Skechers offers a variety of shoes for different occasions. 

Cecilia's Monarch's Blue Nights- First of all I need to mention that these wedges are INSANELY COMFORTABLE. I'm not one to choose fashion over comfort so if you ever see me in heels or wedges you know they are both cute and comfortable (; I also love that they are simple to put on!

Z's Lil Lad Taxen's- These shoes are comfortable, cute, and easy to put on. They have a memory foam insert and elastic fabric bands that give off the lace appearance without the hassle. These are perfect shoes for a semi-formal look and can be dressed down like Z is wearing them in the photos above.


  1. I looooove this top so much! And you look AMAZING, girl!

    And crazy that these wedges are Skechers! They're so cute!

  2. Such a great look!!!! You all look amazing. I want those shoes ;)

  3. Loving this outfit ! You look great and I adore your hair !

  4. I didn't realize Skechers made wedges like that! I always associated them with tennis shoes. Very cute!

  5. You're adorable! and I LOVE your shoes!!!

  6. Wow! I didn't know that Sketchers made casual shoes. P.S. Love your hair!

  7. I love your outfit and the shoes are gorgeous! comfort is everything being a mom