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Modest Fashion Bloggers || Mormon Fashion Bloggers

  1. I Believe In Unicorns
  2. The Pretty Life Girls
  3. Wearing It On My Sleeves
  4. How Not to Dress Like a Mom
  5. The Mrs. and The Mama
  6. Rebekah Anne
  7. Run Style Run
  9. Bridgette Style
  10. The DayLee Journal
  11. Pink Wings
  12. Raspberry Glow
  13. Auteur Ariel
  14. Janelle in Real Life
  15. Fred Rongo
  16. My Simple Modest Chic
  17. Jessica Mae
  18. Deidre Emme 
  19. Modest Style
  20. Chez Heidi
  21. The Wonder Ways

Hello and Welcome!
Want to be on the added to the list? Just follow these simple steps:
1.     This list of Modest Fashion Bloggers is open to anyone who dresses in a modest LDS standard fashion. 
Here are beautiful examples of what I'm looking for: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
2.     You must be an active blogger with a public fashion or lifestyle blog. I only accept bloggers who have been actively blogging for at least 3 months.
3.     You must have high-resolution, head-to-toe images in your outfit posts with outfit details at least once a month. I know life gets busy and am flexible and willing to work with you. If I noticed you haven't done a fashion post in a while I will simply send an email your way before removing you from list.
4.     You must display one of the MFB buttons on your blog home page sidebar, not a post or subpage. If you don't have a sidebar I'm okay with you posting it at the bottom of your blog. No blog button will result in removal from the MFB list. 
5.     If this is you, please email me at:
Put in the Subject line "MFB Inquiry"
**I add new inquiries that meet the above criteria within the first week of each month. 

PS: I inherited this list of modest fashion bloggers in July 2015 from my friend Tiff who had inherited it in October 2013 from the ever-so-talented and inspiring Elaine. She worked hard on creating this amazing genre that has taken off so well in the fashion blogging world.