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Jalapeño Lettuce Wrapped Cheeseburgers

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For today's recipe I wanted to add a Latino flair to a traditional American dish. I don't know about you guys but I can go for a good ol' cheeseburger just about anytime of day. What's better than an ordinary cheeseburger? A jalapeño cheeseburger, however, I knew that I could easily go over on my macros for the day if I had it on a bun so I decided to do a lettuce wrapped burger recipe. The lettuce also adds a refreshing taste to the burger since it's so flavorful and spicy (; 

Burgers are normally cooked on a grill but we personally don't own a grill so I wanted to show those of you who are in a similar position how simple and easy it is to make this classic dish on an electric skillet. What I love about this skillet is that it's super easy to use and clean up so whenever we have guests over for summer gatherings, clean up takes little to no time. 

At my local Walmart I picked up some of my favorite La Morena Products to really add that extra kick to my burgers. La Morena products can be found at the Hispanic Food aisle at Walmart. 
Jalapeño Lettuce Wrapped Cheeseburgers
(2 servings)
La Morena Sliced Green Pickled Jalapeño Peppers
La Morena Chipotle Peppers in Abodo Sauce
2 Fully Cooked (Frozen) Hamburger Patties
4 Slices of Hickory Smoked Bacon
2 Slices of Pepper Jack Cheese
Lettuce to Wrap Burgers

  1. Cook burgers and bacon half way through. Whether you are cooking fresh ones on the grill or have purchased fully cooked heat in 10 minutes kind like I did. While burgers are cooking layout beds of lettuce for burgers.
  2. Flip burgers and bacon and marinate in La Morena Chipotle Peppers in Abodo Sauce. Place lid on skillet. If cooking on grill place a pepper on each burger and generously spread abodo sauce on burgers using a brush.
  3. After burgers and bacon are fully cooked, flip burgers one last time placing pepper jack cheese and bacon directly on top.
  4. Remove burger from skillet (or grill) and place on top of bed of lettuce. Add La Morena Sliced Green Picked Jalapeño Peppers on top of burgers.
  5. Wrap burgers and ENJOY!
For the sake of pretty photos I left burgers open-faced so you could properly see all ingredients.
The weather was lovely after dinner was ready so we packed a bag and headed over to the local park to enjoy dinner picnic s. Instead of opting for fries with our burgers I served fresh fruit and it really hit the spot. 

I love how La Morena products add authentic Latino flavors to your traditional American BBQ dishes. What are some of your favorite spicy dishes to serve in the summertime? 

Toys for Cognitive Development

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Babies and children are naturally inquisitive. As they grow they are exposed to new sounds, discover objects and enjoy first experiences. Cognitive development happens as they gain knowledge, piece it together and apply it to the world around them. Much of this happens as a matter of course, however, parental input is vital in helping young children to meet their developmental milestones and reach their potential.

From a very early age toys are important in helping cognitive development. Even very basic toys can help a child to explore and understand the world around them. Babies and young children learn from repetition so don't be surprised if your child wants to do the same thing over and over again.

Early play ideas
You don't need to wait until your child can manipulate an object to introduce toys. Babies benefit from having things to explore around them right from the start. Pick high contrast colour toys such as black and white soft books to help visual development or tactile toys to develop the sense of touch. Introduce gentle music to help with listening skills or a rattle that can be attached to your baby's wrist or ankle so that they can experiment with making sounds.

Start reading to your child when they are between three and six months old as this will help with language development. Board books are ideal as they have simple stories – and are hard- wearing enough to cope with being dribbled on and chewed. Cuddly toys are a good way of encouraging motor skill development, whilst a play gym with an activity bar or lots of toys to bat and feel can help with visual development and touch.

Exploring the wider world
Once your baby is on the move, typically between six and nine months, introduce toys that can be followed, such as cars and balls. This will help with physical development and also help them begin to understand cause and effect. Your baby may enjoy help with building up (and knocking down!) stackable blocks, start to explore different shapes on a shape sorter or experiment with pressing/pulling/twisting on an activity board. These activities all help with hand-eye coordination and cognitive development.

When your child is stable on their feet, introduce toys that can be pushed such as a building brick trolley or toy pushchair. This will help with confidence and independence as well as increasing their ability to explore the greater world. Books with flaps can help with motor control whilst sorting and stacking toys help with problem-solving skills. Introduce the idea of taking turns by playing with a ball, rolling it back and forth.

Next steps
As toddlerhood approaches encourage early drawing skills. Small children find chunky crayons and pencils easier to grip and use. If you're worried about mess, invest in an aquadraw kit or mess-free colouring set. Also introduce the idea of pretend play with a toy phone, kitchen or dressing up clothes. Children learn from copying the adults in their life and pretend play helps with language, abstract thought and problem-solving skills.

When choosing toys for your child, keep it simple. Toys that do too much don't encourage your child to think independently or use their imagination. Opt for toys that allow your child to be spontaneous instead of taking on a passive role. Using voucher codes such as those found at can be a good way of investing in good quality toys that will grow with your child at a fraction of the cost. Finally, remember to have fun with your child and enjoy their delight as they discover something new or do something for the first time.

Picture: © Playing with Xylophones (Donnie Ray Jones/ Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Zaden Style: Fancy Frogz Arrow Shorts

Arrow Shorts c/o || Shirt || Shoes

It's been a while since Zaden's last style post. Geez this little guy is growing like a weed and looking more like a "big kid" each day. As you can probably tell by looking through these photos Zaden's favorite food at the moment is chocolate chip granola bars. I tried my hardest to take it away for 5 quick minutes while we took these photos but that wasn't happening (;

Today's style post features these Arrows & Spears Shorts from Fancy Frogz. Immediately when looking through Fancy Frogz adorable online boutique I knew I wanted to review these for Zaden. First of all let me mention that Zaden has worn these at least once every week since receiving them, he LOVES them. Something I love about the shorts is that the elastic band around the waist isn't too tight which gives Zaden the ability to move around and be as crazy as he pleases.

If you haven't already I highly recommend checking out Fancy Frogz. I'm absolutely loving this Hipster Panda Tee, I think it would be so fun to layer and style in the fall. Definitely on my wish list for Z's fall wardrobe.

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