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Microbladed Brows by Method Brow Co

Microbladed Brows by Ashley Lundgreen (Method Brow

I've been meaning to write this post for several months now and I'm finally getting around to it! Before I begin I want to give you the 411 on what microblading is! Microblading is is a form of semi-permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic pigments. It's a semi-permanent procedure since it doesn't penetrate the skin near as deep as a traditional tattoo. Microblading lasts on average 1-3 years depending on skin type and will gradually fade over time.

I first heard about Microblading back in January 2016. I was really interested in the procedure and ready to go for it! However, in February 2016 we found out I was pregnant and I knew I would need to wait a little over 8 months to get them done. Towards the end of my pregnancy Ashley (Method Brow Co@method.brow.cofound me and I instantly fell in love with her work and knew she would be my forever brow girl, lol!

I contacted Ashley shortly after Adrien was born so I could get on her schedule! For my first appointment I remember walking in and instantly feeling a connection with Ashley, she's the absolute sweetest. I showed Ashley how I normally filled in my brows and tried to explain what shape I was going for. From there, Ashley took over and "mapped" my brows. Once she perfected the shape and I approved we started the actual procedure.

Ashley used a numbing cream before which helped alleviate the pain. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so the actual procedure itself didn't hurt. If anything it was a little unpleasant and felt like little scratches. The first appointment took approximately 3 hours and I would lie if I say I wasn't shocked with how dark and bold my new brows were in comparison to my natural ones.  

SEE THAT FIRST PHOTO GUYS?! THOSE were my natural brows sans-makeup before Ashley worked her magic!!! Ashley is so talented at what she does and I can totally see a difference in her work versus other microblading technicians in the area (see her Instagram here). She is a perfectionist and has an incredible eye for shaping brows!

The following day we went to the park and I had Daryl snap some photos of my new brows, this is what they looked like after the first appointment and for the next 7 days (before they started peeling):
As far as post-procedure care goes Ashley advised me to not excessively sweat (no working out for me), get my brows wet, tan, or pick at them when they started to peel. I'm proud to say that I avoided excessive sweating, getting them wet, going out in the sun for long periods of time for the first 10 days! I also didn't pick at them once and I truly believe that post-procedure care makes a difference!

After they had completely peeled (took about two weeks) the color faded about 50% and we scheduled a follow-up appointment so they would be a bit darker. We also changed up the shape slightly (; The follow-up procedure post-care is the same as the first but the peeling process doesn't look near as bad as the first time around.

I highly recommend going with Method Brow Co if you're in Utah. Just a fair warning that Ashley is on the pricier end BUT I truly believe you get what you pay for. I don't understand the logic in people wanting cheap semi-permanent cosmetics. She's worth every penny guys and definitely knows what she's doing.

It's been 4 months since my second procedure and I'm still in love with my brows! I love that I don't feel the need to fill them in every morning. They really compliment my face and enhance my natural features. If I'm doing my makeup I normally just add a little bit of brow gel to keep my real hair in place (; Don't forget to check Method Brow Co on Facebook and follow along on Instagram!

Nursing Friendly Romper from Loyal Hana

I'm wearing: Celia Romper from Loyal Hana | Bravado Nursing Bra  
Adrien is wearing: Hoodie Romper from June &January

It's been a breath of fresh air not being scared to nurse in public throughout my breastfeeding journey with Adrien. I haven't pulled out a 'nursing cover' once and it's been nice having that extra space in my diaper bag! Breastfeeding will never become normalize if people don't see it happen. It's a bond between a mama + baby that's so special and natural.

 I introduced Loyal Hana on my blog earlier this month and am wearing another nursing friendly piece! I love this romper, it's so timeless, comfortable, and an easy outfit. It's on sale too so if you're thinking about getting it hurry on over before it's gone for good (;

Floral Frenzy with Wren and Ivory

I'm wearing: Mila Dress from Wren & Ivory | Hat (similar) | Tights, Forever 21 | Shoes, Old Navy

Adrien is wearing: Sugar Comb Moccs from Freshly Picked | Dino Top & Pants, Carters

The weather the past few days has been absolutely perfect! I sure hope the weather is sunny and in the 70's for more than a couple weeks this year. In celebration of the awesome weather I wore this gorgeous floral dress from Wren & Ivory to church this past Sunday! I love the navy color, floral print, and buttons! Buttons make for easy nursing sessions so any dress with buttons is a win in my book (;