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"A portrait of Zaden, once a week, every week, in 2013."
About to walk in the front door with Daddy after a long day at church.

Park and Musical Instruments

"Seh-seee... Baby Z... come down the slide with me!"
Shortly after the pictures above were snapped, there was a huge rainstorm, so we fled for cover. Once it ended, we went on a never ending journey to find the ducks. I was naive to think a 2 1/2 year old would lead us to the ducks.. (we ended up half a mile away from home and got lost). Luckily, this sweet elderly lady gave us a ride back towards Nany's house.
Pictures Taken on August 28, 2013

Heisenberg and Hoodie Weather

Was anyone else on the edge of their seat this last Sunday watching Breaking Bad?  I'm honestly so sad that it's coming to an end. . . but can't wait to see how everything comes together. While I was out shopping last week I saw this Heisenberg shirt on display outside of Hot Topic. The moment I saw it I knew that I wouldn't leave the mall without it. It's a mens shirt and I bought a size up for a more comfortable/easy nursing access fit. For all of you bargain shoppers I found the exact same shirt cheaper here for $10(;

On another note, as cliche as it may sound I'm so excited for hoodie weather! I would prefer a cold weather over hot weather any day. I love layering up and mixing and matching my wardrobe. Also, Zaden looks absolutely adorable in a hood, don't you think?

What I wore: T-shirt, Hot Topic (cheaper here)// Leggings (similar), Cardigan, & Beanie (similar), Forever 21// Boots (on sale!!), Target// Lipstick, MAC Lustering

What Z wore: Hoodie (preloved by our stylish friend Arlo)// Leggings, Baby Gap// Shoes, Feather & Filly

Forever 21 Wishlist

Forever 21 currently has free shipping on all orders over $21 now until midnight. Online shopping is so much easier than driving out to the mall.. especially with a teething babe.

Here are a few items sitting in my cart, I'm having trouble deciding what to buy. Hopefully you guys can help me out (;

Red Dress & Chelsea Crew Boots

I've been wanting a pair of Chelsea Crew boots since last winter and when Lulu*s sent me these to style I was thrilled. I remember patiently awaiting their arrival and one evening Daryl walked in with a box for me while I was nursing Zaden, I clearly remember telling him to open it and show me the shoes. These boots were everything I imagined and more, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to walk in them for more than a couple of hours but they are seriously the most comfortable heels I own. I have already worn them several times since I got them and I'm sure these pictures won't be the last time you see of them.

Lulu*s also sent me this lovely wrap around watch. I love the different tones of metals and that it goes with all of my favorite rings. I was a bit afraid that Zaden would break it before I was able to get pictures in it since he's at that age where anything shiny is appealing to pull on (;

PS: If you have a moment stop on over and say hello to my new sponsor Allexis from Life of a Coy Fish. She's an absolute doll and has such a great sense of style!

What I wore: Dress, Boutique in Reno, NV// Belt, Charlotte Russe// Chelsea Crew Boots, c/o Lulu*s// Watch (sold out, similar), c/o Lulu*s// Lipstick, Lady Danger

Storefront Deals Giveaway

Today's giveaway is brought to you by Storefront Deals. Storefront Deals is a brand new online pop-up market that teams up with top notch sellers to bring customers quality items at a low price. Storefront Deals is offering one lucky Dearest Lou reader a $20 credit to their site to use on anything that is up for sale. Here are some current items up for sale that I'm loving. However, these items won't be available at the end of the giveaway so hurry on over to their site if any of these items tickle your fancy (;
//Custom Family Portraits from My Little Buffalo starting at $33.75// Cloud Hooks from Shop Littles $19.99// Gold Ampersands from Letters from A to Z for $12// 5x7 Letter Wall Art from Lauren Ashley Clements for $3.95

Contest is open to US readers thru September 27th. Winner will be announced on or after September 28th. Thanks friends and good luck!

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"A portrait of Zaden, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Representing his quarter latino side con la federacion Salvedorena de futbol outfit from Tia Muni (;

New Items Added to Dearest Lou Shop

Just added some new items to Dearest Lou Shop!

*If you live in the SLC/Provo area and instead of paying for the shipping would like to meetup, email me at

Zaden's First Trip to the Zoo

The polar bears so white and strong...
The spot neck giraffe with a stance so long...
Monkey that swing by their tails in trees...
The big grey elephant with the wrinkled knees...
Let's take pictures of one or two,
Oh, please, let's go to the Zoo.

I have been reading Zaden books about animals ever since he was a tiny little guy and decided it was about time we headed over to the zoo to meet some of our animal friends. We made a mini day trip of it, my mama, sister, Z, and I -- a perfect little group of four. We packed some delicious food for a picnic, umbrellas to shade us, and a tired little Z who isn't much of a morning person (I wonder who he got that from... (; )

We originally planned to leave early in the morning and get there right when the zoo opened (in order to avoid the heat). However, that never happens with my family.. we are late to just about everything. We ended up arriving roughly 3 hours after the zoo opened and not only was it over 90 degrees at this point but the zoo was unusually crowded for a Wednesday.

We spent a majority of our time indoors with our primate friends. Zaden really enjoyed watching the gorillas play tag with each other and was simply fascinated with them. He kept putting his hands up against the glass and even tried to reaching for them.

Overall it was a successful first visit to the zoo.

Seaside, Oregon

Sand everywhere, crisp waves crashing, sand in my hair, and Z's tiny toes splashing-- beach life is pretty amazing. 
Until next time Seaside, Oregon.