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Zaden's First Trip to the Zoo

The polar bears so white and strong...
The spot neck giraffe with a stance so long...
Monkey that swing by their tails in trees...
The big grey elephant with the wrinkled knees...
Let's take pictures of one or two,
Oh, please, let's go to the Zoo.

I have been reading Zaden books about animals ever since he was a tiny little guy and decided it was about time we headed over to the zoo to meet some of our animal friends. We made a mini day trip of it, my mama, sister, Z, and I -- a perfect little group of four. We packed some delicious food for a picnic, umbrellas to shade us, and a tired little Z who isn't much of a morning person (I wonder who he got that from... (; )

We originally planned to leave early in the morning and get there right when the zoo opened (in order to avoid the heat). However, that never happens with my family.. we are late to just about everything. We ended up arriving roughly 3 hours after the zoo opened and not only was it over 90 degrees at this point but the zoo was unusually crowded for a Wednesday.

We spent a majority of our time indoors with our primate friends. Zaden really enjoyed watching the gorillas play tag with each other and was simply fascinated with them. He kept putting his hands up against the glass and even tried to reaching for them.

Overall it was a successful first visit to the zoo.


  1. so fun! And your hair is just out of this world beautiful!

  2. I was thinking the same thing - the baby is so cute but your hair is incredible! :)

    I can't wait to take our little guy to the zoo when he gets old enough!!

  3. You are the cutest. I am obsessed with the name Zanden...any name that has a Z in it really! Cutest kid. I think our boys would be friends:)
    Love, Lace