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Decked out moccasins and a oversized sweater

Sweater: Vintage || Leggings&Jewelry: F21 || Moccasins: Thrifted

It's been a while since I did an outfit post so I decided to get my lazy bum dressed today. This sweater is no ordinary sweater, my mama use to wear it when I was a little girl. I found it sitting in the garage when Daryl and I were moving into our new place and she said I could have it. I was so happy because I LOVE it! I also thrifted these bad boys (my decked out mocassins) at a thrift store a couple months back with my lovely friend Miyuki! I believe it was during one of THESE thrifting trips that I found them!

My dearest friend Kandice (btw if you haven't already check out her blog it's VERY inspiring) and her baby Natalie were over at my place a couple weeks back and she said I should have pinned the crap out of these by now. So I decided to take her advice and incorporate them into my outfit post today. (; 

There was a bit of confusion on THIS post. I didn't cut my hair (I scrolled up after I read a few comments and it sure looks like I did ;P). I just had my hair pulled back in a pony tail that day. However, I'm about to go get a trim right now with Daryl. My hair is looking like crap.
See ya (:

Double date night

On Saturday night Daryl and I had the opportunity to go on a date with Kevin and his lovely girl friend. We went to go see The Secret World of Arrietty. Daryl misread the theater we were suppose to go to so we ended up walking around town until the next showing started. Kevin showed us this AMAZING toy store.. it seriously felt like Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. There were a lot of vintage inspired toys and we had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from our date.
Can you believe that this entire tree is made out of candy?! It blew my mind!
We ended up getting a chocolate covered apple at Rocky Mountain Choclate Factory before heading to the movie. I LOVE their candy apples!! The movie was really good, but not my favorite Studio Ghibli Film. I want to see the Japanese version with subtitles because I don't feel the American version did the film justice.

Giveaway from Jennie Moss Design (CLOSED)

The lovely Jennie from Jennie Moss Design is offering two lucky Dearest Lou readers a set of her lovely hair pieces.  Jennie is such a doll and she had me select my four favorite hair pieces.

The first set I picked has more of a vintage inspired look to them. I absolutely love the flapper dancers from the 20’s and that’s what the Meredith Headband reminds me of. The Becca Bow, is an adorable houndstooth bow that would complete any outfit. 

The second set I picked has more of a spring wedding feel to it. I absolutely love lace and I find both the Lisa and Claire Grecian Wedding headbands gorgeous! If you’re a soon-to-be bride yourself, have a friend that is getting married, or are attending a spring wedding these pretty head bands are a must!

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Winners will be announced on March 8th.

Girls day out

Saturday afternoon I got to hangout with two of my dearest friends. My little sister Tiana and Danielle. We ended up going to eat Japanese food at this restaurant which honestly kind of sucked. The food selection wasn't great and the service was. . alright. However, we had a lot of good laughs and memories there but will probably never return. Tiana hates fish so she got this delicious teriyaki rice bowl and Dani and I got sushi and some interesting foreign soups.
Tiana's teriyaki bowl came with a side of disgusting (aka fish sauce). It smelt horrendous and I can hardly imagine how awful it must taste. We all had to smell it after seeing Danielle's reaction.
After lunch we went to get dessert at The Chocolate which is a cute dessert cafe in Orem. We ended up splitting this baked cookie with ice cream on top. I don't remember what it was called but it was so freaking delicious. Below are some pictures we took while we waited for our dessert to arrive.
After dessert we headed to the mall and went shopping which was really fun. I was super tired afterwards and spent about 45 minutes procrastinating to get ready for my hot date.

Sunday Confessions

So the awesome Alyx of Every Day is a New Adventure does this little thing called Sunday Confessions and I decided I would have a go at it. Something really funny about Alyx is she always does things in lists of 5. So I figured I would do 5 confessions in her honor.

 1|| There's a 97.9% chance that if you see me wearing this hat and I'm not wearing makeup that my hair is greasy. 
2|| I'm addicted to rice. I eat it at least twice a day, usually for breakfast and dinner. I never get sick of it. Crazy right?
 3|| I make the BEST ugly faces ever and guess what? I enjoy it! Want to take a crazy picture, hit me up!
 4|| Back in March 2005 I wrote a letter to my future husband. Take note that I was 13 and had no idea what I was talking about. Anyway, on the time capsule I wrote to not open until our honey moon. I totally spaced it but Daryl remembered as soon as we got back to Utah. My parents and sister crowded around the bed as Daryl un-dusted the little nasty. To my surprise the thing was even more embarrassing and horrific than I remembered. Everyone had a great laugh out of it! Oh and did I mention that I called him "Future HOTTIE" at least 20 times? And to think we have it all on video.
5|| I HATE even numbers! I know it's strange but if I have my way I won't do things evenly.

Checkered shorts and a silky top

Top/Shoes/Bag: JCP || Tights: F21 || Shorts: Thrifted || Earrings/Bracelet: Gifts || Bee Jewelry: c/o Holly Dolly || Rose Ring: c/o Poofy Cheeks

I got myself this little blouse over at JC Penney yesterday. Isn't it super pretty? Not only is it pretty but it's silky and I LOVE all things silk. I also won myself some sweet accessories from the lovely shop Holly Dolly  last month and they went perfect with this outfit. I don't know if you can really tell in the picture but they're little bumble bee's! 

As for the weekend, I have LOTS of studying to do. I have mid-terms and a senior exam next week and lots of tasks I need to get done for my internship. However, I'm still planning on hanging out with some friends, having my sister sleepover tonight, and seeing The Secret World of Arrietty this weekend. 

What fun plans do you have for the weekend?

March Sponsor Call!

March is almost here! Which means spring is right around the corner. Is it just me or did February just sneak right past us? Regardless, I'm super excited for the warm weather!

If you're looking for a good place to sponsor swap during the month of March, give Dearest Lou a try! I love having new sponsors and meeting new blogger friends.  You can read all the details HERE on my sponsorship page. Please note that spaces are limited and have already started to fill up. I look forward to the possibility of partnering with you!

Psst! -- Looking for other ways to be part of Dearest Lou? If you're interested in having me do a product review &/or special giveaway post, please contact me for more information. (;

Wishing you a happy Friday!

Sponsor Spotlight// How we spent our day of love

Hello Friends,
I just got a new sponsor and she's such a doll. Her name is Christy Lee and she blogs over at C. LEE. She has an adorable family and she is just the cutest thing, really! Her posts are inspiring and her blog is all around amazing. I'm sure you'll love her so here's a little spill on her blog with some of her links. Go share some love!

My blog is my love letter to my family. Sharing the immense love I feel for my three children and husband. It is about enjoying the journey of motherhood. Improving and strengthening our marriage and family. Embracing the chaotic days and learning to laugh. Documenting life's precious little moments. It is my thoughts and things I enjoy. My journey to making my life a better overall life. Having faith and sharing experiences. Showing that being a mom is the best job in the world.

Also, Rebekah, Sherri, and I are going to share with you all how we spent our Valentines Day. For those of you not familiar with their lovely sites there's a little blurb about their lovely fashion blogs as well. I've been working with both of these girls for a couple of months now and simply adore them. I'm sure you'll love them too ;P

Head Over Heels is a life and style blog. I love sharing my ventures into finding my personal style with all of you. {I also love sharing my fabulous shoe finds with you!}

All I wanted for Valentine’s day were flowers and when I got home from work these were sitting by the door waiting for me! {Best husband ever award goes to my hubby!}

Ahoy! I'm Sherri, a 24 year old from Winnipeg, Canada. Over at SHERRIAMOUR you'll find my take on style, daily musings, and lucky thrift finds. I also represent modesty in all my wear because it's something important to me. 

For valentines I ended up having a gurls night; dressing up, shopping, watching 'The Vow', and getting dessert! It was a good one. and I made this flower crown to make myself feel pretty :)

Now go check out these lovely ladies blogs ASAP!

How Daryl and I spent our Valentines

We ended up going to Olive Garden on Valentines Day  night and watched HIMYM like I mentioned in this post previously. We were planning on going out again Saturday since he had the day off but ended up doing this instead.

Here are some pictures from our night:

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I'd really appreciate it (;

Jane coat by Kling and floral tights

Coat: Emerging Thoughts || Black tee, Lace cardigan, & necklace: F21 || Tights: UO || Skirt: Gift from mom || Boots: Rue 21
Daryl got me this amazing coat from Emerging Thoughts for Valentines day! When it arrived in the mail I was so happy and it fits perfectlyThe weather has been much colder the last couple of days and this coat keeps me so warm. One of my favorite things about this coat is that it has a detachable breast plate (for a more casual look) and pretty pink lining. I also LOVE the ribbon bow detailing on the buttons and that the coat is mint green

It's currently 40% off so if you don't have a cute winter's coat yet, 
I highly suggest purchasing it!