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My Go-to Nursing Bras: Bravado Designs

Buttercup Nursing Bra (sweater/capri outfit)  || Ballet Nursing Bra (black cardigan/floral skirt) || Clip and Pump (not pictured)

I have had a handful of friends and some readers ask me about nursing bras. I completely spaced that we took these photos back in April. Look how cute and little Adrien is with that gummy smile? So much has changed since then but one thing hasn't and that is we are still nursing!

The most important purchase a mama-to-be can purchase for herself is a couple amazing nursing bras. Underwire is a no go for the first few months since it can clog your milk ducts (ouch). Finding a supportive, flattering, and comfortable nursing bra was quite a challenge for me the first time around. I never found a perfect bra but found a couple that worked alright.

While I was pregnant with Adrien my bestie Fati introduced me to Bravado Designs and I'm hooked!

Guys, these nursing bras are a game changer and I have yet to find another nursing bra company similar or like them. I love that they offer a variety of styles and colors too. Also if you aren't sure about breastfeeding I would still recommend Bravado Designs since the bras are so comfortable especially towards the end of pregnancy when nothing seems to fit.

There are three particular styles I want to talk about today and why I think every pregnant mama needs them.

Buttercup Nursing Bra- If there is only one bra you can splurge on I would suggest the Buttercup Nursing Bra! The wire-free frame is perfect for all stages of pregnancy-postpartum. Not only is it wire-free but it's also VERY supportive. For the first 6 months postpartum my chest was much larger since I was Adrien's sole source of nutrition. The convertible criss-cross straps were perfect during that time and a feature I definitely took advantage of for additional support while out and about!

In the past I would always have to change from my day bra to a comfortable sleeping bra but with the Buttercup style I don't find myself needing to do this. I live in this style of bra and own 3 of them that I cycle throughout the week.

Ballet Nursing Bra- This is the perfect at-home nursing bra. he pull-away full breast access is so convenient and nice for skin-to-skin. I also love that I just need to slip it on and there's no clips in the back. It's as comfortable as wearing no bra at all. It doesn't offer any foam cups or much coverage but it's amazing for fellow co-sleeping mamas and makes those night time nursing sessions so much easier.

Clip and Pump- If you are planning on pumping at all YOU NEED THIS! For the first couple months when I was away at work shooting weddings I would have to switch bras in my car to pump and it was kind of a hassle. I wish I would have had this sooner. This handy little garment makes pumping so much easier. I love that I don't need to change bras in my car and having both hands available to work and multitask while pumping makes it 100x more enjoyable.

The Perfect Denim Jumpsuit

I've been on the hunt for modest jumpsuits as of late, not only modest but ones I can actually nurse in. This jumpsuit from Goldies has been one of my favorites to wear this summer. I love the length and the wide legs! The wide legs provide a nice little breeze which is much needed in the summer. In order to style it to my modesty standards I styled it over a half tee. The half tee provides easy lifting access when Adrien needs to nurse so it's a win-win.

Outfit details:
Half tee
Hat (old)

Back to School Made Easy with

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I can hardly believe summer is nearly over and the new school year is just around the corner. Zaden will be attending another year of preschool and he is beyond excited.

I recently discovered and it's been such a helpful tool for me when it comes to organizing events. I love that it's free, saves me a ton of time, and it's simple to use. I can access from any device and sync my calendar and set reminders on my phone. I'm such a scatterbrain and being organized and getting simple reminders really makes all the difference. It has been my go-to application when organizing stylized photo shoots, potlucks, and play group activities with my friends this summer.

When organizing events that involve a group of people, it's so important to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what they need to bring and when said event is taking place. In the past, I usually organized events in mass group texts which made it difficult to scroll up and remember everything that was being said among the group.

I love that offers ideas for parents involved in the PTA. Class party ideas, fundraising ideas, and sign up sheets are just a few of the many great resources available! I know I will be using Sign Up even more now that Z is going back to school.