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Pediasure Sidekicks

I have been compensated by PediaSure for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. #PediaSure #SideKicks #ForPickyEaters
Zaden is a picky eater and always has been. He also has a crazy fast metabolism, a ton of energy, and knows what he likes and doesn't like solely based on appearance. It's hard to get him to try something that doesn't "look good" and if he has tried it in the past and doesn't like it he will most likely not give it another shot.

How do I fill in the nutritional gaps? Pediasure Sidekicks is a great and Zaden approved way to do it! Each shake has 25 essential vitamins and is a great source of protein and fiber. They also come in three tasty flavors: chocolate (Z's favorite), vanilla, and strawberry. Pediasure Sidekicks are perfect for sticking in your lunch box or diaper bag for an easy on-the-go solution. Sometimes when we go out to eat Zaden doesn't eat his entire meal I love substituting one of these instead of a fizzy soda that has no nutritional value (;

If you have a picky eater, I definitely recommend checking Pediasure Sidekicks next time you are shopping at your local Walmart. You can save $3 off your Pediasure Sidekicks purchase with this coupon

Everyday Diaper Bag + A Hint of Floral

Diaper Bag: Charlie Diaper Bag in Khaki Green c/o

I'm wearing: ROMPER || BOOTS (similar) || FEDORA (sold out)

After receiving this diaper bag from SoYoung I knew it would be the perfect everyday diaper bag. It's not too large or too small and it fits everything I need for my boys. We waited a while before adding another member to our family and it's crazy how quickly you forget how much these little beings require when going out (;

What I love:

Size: This bag is the PERFECT size. I love how much space I have and that it's sturdy so I don't have to have it constantly filled up to have that sturdy feel.

The Interior Lining: I didn't take a photo of this (you can see it on their website) but I love how it's white and not black or the color of the bag. It makes it super easy to spot things! It's also laminated which is amazing for spills or cleaning!

Pockets & Storage Space Galore: There's three main compartments to the bag. I use the non-insulated compartment as a purse/things for Z and myself. The largest pocket is great for swaddles, a baby carrier, and extra changes of clothes. I use the middle compartment for all of Adrien's needs (diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.

Not One but Two Insulated Bottle Pockets: LOVE THIS! I usually keep one bottle on hand with breast milk for Adrien and a water bottle for Z and myself to stay hydrated.

Strap Options: I love that this can be a shoulder bag or backpack! When using as a shoulder bag the padding is so nice. I like that you can remove this when using as a backpack.

Gender Neutral: I wanted a diaper bag that wasn't too feminine that both myself and Daryl could carry around.

This bag is the absolute best and I will forever recommend this diaper bag to all my mama and mama-to-be friends (; It also comes in a few different colors if Khaki Green isn't your thing. Check the other colors out here!

Stay tuned next week for a giveaway you won't want to miss (;

Cosatto Stroller + Countdown Maternity Tee

Stroller: Supa Pushchair in Pixelate c/o
I'm wearing: SHIRT c/o || PANTS c/o || HAT
Z is wearing: SHIRT c/o

I'm hoping I can get a few posts out today since I'm so behind on here! These photos were taken three days before I went into labor. It's so crazy to think that this was one of my last photos pregnant.

How cool is this pixelate stroller from Cosatto? We received it earlier this year and we absolutely love it. There's a few features I want to talk about:

The extended hood- This hood came in handy during those hot summer day walks (which we did a lot of). Back when Pokemon Go first came out we did a ton of walking and this ensured Z didn't get too hot. Inside the hood there's a gadget pocket which is perfect for a tablet! Zaden could watch shows on the go and it is very convenient when shopping with a preschooler (;

Adjustable handlebars- Need I say more? These are great especially if you are taller. That way you don't sacrifice your posture when pushing your little one around (; The shortest setting is perfect for me but we take it up a couple notches for Daryl.

Spacious pocket- I love that there's a spacious pocket on the back of the stroller. It comes in handy for whatever you may need that you don't want to carry around in your purse or diaper bag. We found it great for extra water bottles, snacks, and car keys. There's also a speaker located here for the tablet so Z can hear his shows while out and about. You could also use this for music when walking!

Reclining seat- This was my absolute favorite feature! It adjusts to 4 different recline levels and is super convenient when your child falls asleep!

Overall, absolutely love this stroller! I only wish we had a double so I could get good use out of it with both boys (;

Outfit details:
I have had this t-shirt from The Countdown Shop for a while now and it was easily one of my most worn items this pregnancy. It's so soft, comfortable, and stretchy! You can never have enough stretch with a growing bump. It was so fun marking down the weeks too! I also wore these maternity zipper pants from Pink Blush nearly everyday since I hit my 35 week mark! Super comfortable and will probably still wear them while I'm in this inbetween postpartum stage haha (no shame).

Zion Portraits

Pictures: Kandice Breinholt 
I'm wearing: DRESS c/o || HAT || SANDALS

Hey guys I'm alive and well and am making time to blog again lol. A lot has happened since I last blogged. We welcomed sweet Adrien Oliver into this world on September 4th and life has been happy/crazy since (;

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting these portraits my talented friend Kandice Breinholt snapped back at the end of June. These were taken right at the end of my second trimester. I absolutely love these images. Non-traditional maternity pics + rad location + taken by my dearest friend = PURE AWESOMENESS.

Go check out her post here