April 2011 | Dearest Lou

beautiful days and red boots

{black shirt:f21, dress:f21, tights:uo, boots:ross, earrings:gift from habado}

hey guys,
sorry i have been slacking on the outfit posts this week it's been crazy with finals and everything. however, wednesday was my last final, woohoo! i have to go back in the summer though i'm taking a whopping 18 credits {wish me luck}. i threw this outfit together real quick because i wanted to feel confident for my final and i personally do better when i'm a bit dressed up, i didn't want to be uncomfortable though so this flowy dress was a great choice. i also thought the red on my boots completemented the dress.

egg coloring and rolling

hello everyone,i should be getting my laptop back this weekend and i'm super excited! sorry about taking forever to get back to everyone and not posting as often. here are some lovely pictures from my easter weekend. i hope you enjoy them.

on friday night kandice, tiana, natalie, and i went to daryls new place and ate some delicious food. after that we ran to walmart to get the supplies to color eggs. i rarely have my phone on me and little did i know that hillary was bringing 24 eggs and some stuff. we ended up with over 50 eggs! we had a lot of fun i love these girls so much. as you can see my hands got super dirty!
{"owl egg":created by me,"tyedye egg":created by me,"teaser egg":created by me,"baby orangutan egg":created by ti, "crazy egg":created by hills, "cause i'm yellow cause i'm yellow egg": created by me}

i LOVE this picture of habado<3

{so hillary asked if she had any egg in her egg and i found this huge chunk ti put there earlier (^_^)}
tiana, daryl, and i had the opportunity to join the wilcocks in their family tradition. it was really fun and i'm glad hills invited us. after we rolled eggs we went out to lunch and went to see rio! it was so funny i loved it.

pink roses and ballerina bun

hello everyone,
this has been a hectic weekend with easter activities and the semester coming to an end. i can't wait til wednesday afternoon! this is a little casual outfit i put together quickly to go to my boyfriends bbq. i promise i will get back to all of your lovely comments from this post and last post as soon as i can!

happy easter everyone!

ps easter post will be up sometime before tuesday ^_^

peacocks and cloudy days

hello all, this is just a quick outfit post. as you can see this was my thursday outfit. i can't begin to explain how excited i am for finals to finally be over and for summer.. it feels so far away. i'm going to have to study my butt off this weekend after i spend saturday morning and afternoon doing some traditions with the wilcock family. i'm pretty excited.

popsicles and combat boots

{dress:old navy, shirt:thrifted gap, scarf:thrifted, belt:thrifted, tights:ross, boots:forever21, earrings:diana smith}

hey guys,
so yesterday was a cloudy but pretty day so i had habado take a few pictures of my outfit and such. i really love this dress even though it wrinkles easily. we found this pretty tree at uvu and as soon as i saw it i knew that is where i wanted to have my pictures taken. i love this dress because you can mix it up with darker colors to make it a winter look or lighten things up a bit and wear it in the spring. it's modest and doesn't show too much skin (^_^) diana from livy love made these adorable earrings and gave them out at the utah blog party i posted about earlier. i think they're so darling she makes the cutest prints would be a great thing to put in your easter baskets.. go check out her etsy shop! also gabby is hosting her first giveaway go check that cutie out. anyway, i love these boots they seriously go with everything.. really good investment {i actually bought them for regular price something i rarely do} today was our last day of institute and brother anderson gave us some yummy creamies and the picture explains it all ;P

can i have a little bite?

hello lovely readers,
yesterday i went to maceys and i bought some stuff in order to make daryl and i a lovely lunch before i had work. here are some pictures of the finished product. {i had the lady at maceys write that on one of daryl's donuts i thought it would be cute (^o^)

after work i came home and daryl and i were joking earlier that even though the donut has his name on it that hillary would still take "a little bite" {something you should know about hillary is that if she see's something good she always takes a bite} so i come home and i'm talking to her in her room and then she says, "sorry dude i was really hungry and i figured it would be okay so i took a bite of daryl's donut" i started laughing and she went on "well i looked through your pictures and i saw that you had five donuts and a delicious lunch i can buy him a new one?" haha she's so funny. so anyway she doesn't like to be alone and daryl and i were hungry so we all went out to dinner.

 hahah we all thought hillary and i looked high in that picture but my flash is extremely bright.. ask anyone. after we took daryl home hillary and i spent about 2 hours at walmart planning out easter weekend since i've never celebrated easter with all this cool easter stuff like coloring eggs and what not. i'm pretty eggcited.

business attire and kneaders

{shirt:uo, skirt:f21, tights:uo, shoes:uo, jacket:wet seal}

hello lovely readers,
for my business presentations class we had to do our final project which was a group presentation and we volunteered to go first and we kicked butt, got an A!! my business law professor canceled class this week so i got to leave early and daryl and i went out to kneaders to celebrate it was so freakin' delicious. i got a veggie and he got grilled cheese. later that evening daryl cooked me dinner and bought me this hello kitty cupcake for dessert! isn't it the cutest? i sure think so.

hillary's birthday

it was my roommates birthday on saturday and we had a splendid time. i had everything all planned out and my plan was to surprise her after i picked her up from salt lake. hillary, daryl, and i went out to a birthday lunch before she headed down there. here are a few pictures of the sushi and such:

we took some quick pictures while daryl went to run an errand and before she left to salt lake:

after that she left and daryl and i went to work. we tried to find a relatively cheap couch cover but you can't get a nice looking one for cheaper than $70 which we were willing to invest for our dear friend. i also made her a card and got her a cute floral top. we bought her a bunch of silly things that said birthday princess, decorations, and LOTS of wrapping paper at the store. we then went to maceys and picked up her cute cake. after all of that we went to work it took much longer than expected to wrap the couch and blow up the balloons {inside each of the 19 balloons i put in a silly quote she said or memory} when we were about 1/2 done we get a call from her and she told us to hurry and pick her up!! we were freaking out luckily we got everything done.

we picked her up and she was so happy she thought that all we were doing for her was giving her that cheap sash, pin, etc. the whole way home she was happy and i told her i would buy her dinner {in order to give daryl sometime to go to the apartment and set everything up} we got us all taco bell and i honked her horn 19 times so daryl knew we were there well this will sum up what happened:

her reaction was priceless she was crying and so thankful for us. she loved the couch cover and everything else. after that her friend dylan came over and we cut her cake and sang her happy birthday.
habado mission complete {;