January 2019 | Dearest Lou

How to Tap into the Great Cardigan Comeback

For quite a few years now, wearing cardigans has not been considered fashionable. But, this season, that has definitely changed. Cardigans have quickly gone from being associated with grannies to being the must-have knitwear item. I for one am very happy to see them making a bit of a comeback. They look fantastic, are comfortable and are a really versatile item of clothing. Everyone should have at least a few in their wardrobe.
If you need one, or two, I suggest that you start your search by going to the JD Williams site. They have an exceptionally big range of cardigans, in stock. So, you are bound to find something you like there.
Long cardigans
One of the strongest trends for 2019 is the long cardigan. Most of them finish mid-thigh, but you can also find mid-calf ones too.
These look good whether you wear them with a dress, a top and skirt or a pair of trousers. They are a great way to add a touch of class to an informal outfit, especially if you are wearing jeans.
If you choose one that is thick enough, it could potentially be worn as an alternative to a coat on a balmy day. But, it is wise to check that it is not going to rain before wearing your longline cardigan.
Should you get caught in a shower while wearing it you are going to get absolutely drenched. Plus, it is very likely that your cardigan will be ruined.
Sophisticated cardigans
If you fancy wearing knitwear to the office, check out some of the sophisticated cardigans that are currently available. Most of them are styled to look like a smart, semi-tailored jacket. If you like the iconic Chanel jacket, this year, you will be able to pick up a sophisticated cardigan that looks very similar.
A glamorous cardigan
For an evening out a glamorous cardigan can be a great addition to your outfit. They keep you warm for the walk between the car and the bar, club or restaurant and do not have to be checked into the cloakroom.
There are some really lovely, generously cut versions out there that are lined or trimmed with faux fur. If that look is not for you opt for a tasseled or waterfall style instead.
You could even forget about wearing a coat or cardigan and go for a cape. There are some surprisingly stylish ones available, right now.
A few more cardigan outfit ideas
I have always had a bit of a soft spot for cardigans. So, if you are looking for more ideas about how and when to wear a cardigan you can find plenty here. Start by reading this article, then use the “explore the blog” box to find more outfit photos that feature cardigans.

If you are unsure which cuts are likely to look good on you, just click here. When you do, you will be taken to an article that explains how to correctly identify your body type and choose a cut which is likely to flatter you.