October 2011 | Dearest Lou

Hank Smith

Brother Smith was my  favorite seminary teacher in high school. He is the BEST story teller ever!  Watch this video, it will give you a little taste of how awesome he is ;P

Feliz Cumpleaños Marti!

Te quiero con todo mi corazón. 

So true. .

Double dating with our dear friends part 2

On October 21st Kandice and Sean showed us a great deal of hospitality and had us over for dinner, a movie, and carving pumpkins session. We had delicious homemade pad thai and Daryl and I are big fans of asian cuisine. Kandice and Sean don't eat meat so we had some sort of veggie meat which was super good. To top it all off we had my all time favorite desserts there pumpkin pie and cheesecake <3

After dinner we put in a scary movie (I forgot the name of it but it has John Cusick.) and starting carving our pumpkins. I had no idea what Daryl was carving but it was Hello Kitty he is so perfect! Kandice and Sean carved the coolest fox this side of the valley :P I had a good time reminiscing about old times and catching up with these two. Here are some more pictures I stole from Kandice.

Double dating with our dear friends

The past couple weeks we have been double dating with our dear friends Kandice and Sean. It had been quite a while since we hung out with them so it was really fun and we missed them. It's so hard to find good couple friends now-a-days.

On October 14th we went to the Strangling Bros Circus, it was the most terrifying haunted place I've ever been to. I HATE clowns and I think they're so freaky and to top it all off they pressured forced me into going first for nearly every room! If you are living in Utah or will be in town before Halloween we highly recommend it! When you are waiting in line they have the cheesiest videos playing and you see all these little scene kids from Sunset Ridge acting all bad-A and you're thinking, "What the heck did I get myself into?" However, once it's your turns group to go in it's a real treat. (At least it was for Daryl :P)

Anyway here's some pictures I stole from Here We Are. We didn't get any pictures at the haunted house or near the stuff but just trust us it's a must go this hoiday season!

Preview of our engagements!

This last Thursday we had the opportunity of getting our engagements taken by Schell Photography. Our experience was beyond amazing and we wouldn't have gone with any other photographer. If anyone needs a photoshoot for ANY particular occasion I would suggest contacting them (:

Here's a few pictures I can't wait to get the CD with the rest!

Camera is broken

It's a bummer. . I can't really afford one right now due to the wedding and everything but maybe I should start slowly saving money for one. I can't wait to get married this December and I can't wait to graduate in April!