May 2011 | Dearest Lou

color me mine

hello everyone,
sorry i haven't posted in a while 18 credits is kicking my butt. i will be done with this block on june 27th and i will only have 6 credits for the second half so i will have a lot more free time. last thursday we went on a double date to color me mine in provo, utah. i haven't been since valentines day so i was really excited. we had a really good time and i hope you enjoy the pictures. i will be posting our finished products once we pick them up later on this week. i will get back to your comments asap.

flowers, stripes, and kelsey allen

on monday morning {my first day of summer semester} daryl came over bright and early and surprised hillary and i with roses. isn't he the sweetest? i didn't take a picture of them til friday but they still look prettier than ever. i have the best boyfriend in the world<3
~ ~ ~

the weather on friday was perfect, there was no way in heck i was going to wear jeans. i really love this necklace hillary got me for easter so i wanted to find something that went well with it but didn't take away from the necklace. so i threw this outfit together real quick and i think it does the trick. i also wanted to wear these earrings i got last weekend. so yeah here's my outfit from friday, i hope everyone had a wonderful week!
{shirt:f21, skirt:momma bought it for me, belt:thrifted, toms&necklace:gifts from hillary, earrings:rue 21}
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for those of you who don't know this young lady this is kelsey allen {PKA: kelsey jackman} kelsey and i grew up together from the age 3 until i moved down to south jordan in ninth grade. we have been through so much together and i will never forget this girl. we had recently started talking again on fb and i told her she should come see my apartment and then out of nowhere 2 days later i get a phone call from a pay phone and its her! kelsey and her husband {shane} were headed up to the salt lake area to visit her family so they stopped by in orem and met up with daryl and i. we had a great time and we will definitely need to get togther more often. thanks for the great night kels and for all the laughs. i have missed you!

a very delayed mothers day post

My beautiful mom!
i want to thank you for always being there for me through every stupid little stage i went through growing up. thanks for loving and supporting me throughout the last 19 years. i hope you had a wonderful mothers day and i hope you know that you mean the world to me. i know we don't always get along but i treasure all of our memories. you are so funny and bring so much joy into my life. i wouldn't be the young woman i am today without you.

marti's last mothers day 2008
Tia Lupita, Ti, Me, and Marti (Mothers Day 2007)

gracias por todo. te extraño mucho, pero sé que estás en un lugar mejor. no puedo esperar a verte otra vez<3

as everyone already knows sunday was mothers day and i had the opportunity to go home and see my momma, grandmother, tia lupy, and aunt shauna i love them so very much. it was also kandice's first mothers day and i got to visit her and natalie for a little while. here are some pictures from last sunday and the past, i hope you enjoy them:

{then:grandma warner & i now: grandma warner 2011}

{me as a baby 1992}

{grandma & grandpa warner, my dad as a baby. and my aunt shauna as a little girl}
i love this picture! (1968)

{mommy, daddy, marti, tiana, and i 1995}
i hope all of you mothers had a happy mothers day!

feathers and miso soup

what the heck? blogger deleted this post yesterday when it wasn't letting anyone log on. did this happen to anyone else?
 saturday was awesome. hillary and i had a hair appointment with this lady but she bailed she was super unprofessional so we decided we would figure out how to put feathers in our hair and do it ourselves. they turned out better then most of the ones i've seen and we are very satisfied. we also picked up our dry cleaning and ran some errands down in the salt lake area. hillary bought the new katy perry cd and we have pretty much jammed out to it the whole way back to orem. i love #8 (E.T.). that night after we got all ready daryl and david cooked us some delicious japanese cuisine and daryl got these awesome little japanese drinks!! so this japanese person told daryl you can shut the lid somehow by sucking the marble back up and hillary kept trying and trying and. . . never did it. however, she was able to spit out half of her drink all over the floor which was super entertaining! david brought over liar liar i had never seen it before and it was super funny. thanks you guys for making my last saturday before summer semester super fun!

lobsters and plaid shorts

{shirt:uo, shorts:thrifted, shoes&earrings:f21}

hello all,
today was a lovely day woke up bright and early {6AM} and ended up doing some kick boxing at the gym. it was a beautiful day outside so after daryl and i went out to lunch we went to the park and laid in the grass and talked about all sorts of neat stuff. however, we were out there for at least an hour and a half during the hottest time of day {2-3:30} and i didn't wear any sunscreen. i decided i look like a giant lobster (^_^) i sure hope it turns into a tan by tomorrow because i hate it. luckily it didn't begin to develop until after these photos were taken (phew). also our calling system went out during work today so they let us out early and i only worked for 40 minutes which was just fine by me because i got to spend some more quality time with daryl before i came down to salt lake to watch my grandma. before i finally got home i went to see hillary at her parents house to show her my red skin and talk about our double date the boys are planning out saturday. we also went on a little "adventure" ;P

sister and straight hair

{boots:ti's, leg warmers,skirt,cardigan, &scarf:f21}
this weekend i had the opportunity to go shopping and spend some quality time with my little sister tiana. we found a lot of good deals and had a great time. unfortunately the little girl got me sick since i insisted we share the straw at pretzel time. i'm not one to straighten my hair very often but while she was taking her afternoon nap after school i did. she also took these pictures of me. how has everyone been? i feel like i haven't blogged in forever.

PS: MY LAPTOP IS FIXED!!!!!!!!! (^_-)