Striped dress, feather earrings, and stress relievers | Dearest Lou

Striped dress, feather earrings, and stress relievers

Hi guys, this lovely little ensemble is something I put together for a double date I went on over the weekend. 

The last two weeks of school are the most difficult.. I have NO motivation whatsoever. I'm so excited for my wedding and my grades are definitely showing it (aka not so hot). I've decided that I'm going to make the best out of my situation and I'm not going to stress. This is something I've always struggled with and I've come to realize  that I bring a lot of it upon myself. However, even when things go wrong the only thing I can control is how I choose to take it!

Here are a few tips to try out if you find yourself in the same boat:

1) Take deep breaths-Breathing exercises are simple and can be used anytime and anywhere!

2) Self meditation-Meditating brings short-term stress relief as well as lasting stress management benefits. Meditating helps you focus on relaxation and gives your body a break from worrying!

3) Laugh- Laughing releases tension and makes you happy! It's hard to be stressed or negative when something is making you laugh. Taking a short break from a task and going on a site like reddit for a couple of minutes is highly suggested if you aren't surrounded by funny people :P

4) Eat a well balanced diet/exercise-A healthy diet and regular exercise can bring greater physical and emotional wellness. When you are poor and in college like myself, it's difficult to make time for cooking and exercise. Prepare simple healthy meals and snacks in advance so you don't find yourself going through the "drive-thru" 3 times a day! Take the stairs instead of the elevator to the 4th floor of the library. You will slowly see and feel a difference! 

5) Don't procrastinate- This is the one that causes me the most stress! Putting off a stressful school project can WILL increase the stress you experience (For those of you who don't believe me I can PROVE this to you.. story of my life). Prioritize what is important and if there's spare time do other things you enjoy, without the added stress of rushing for a deadline.

6) Time management- Managing time can allow you to minimize the stressors that you experience, and better manage the ones you can't avoid. When you are able to complete everything on your "to do" list without the stress of rushing or forgetting, your whole life feels easier.

 For those of you in school, how are your finals coming along?


  1. i want this dress!(: the belt looks great with it.
    i am in highschool, so i don't have finals. but my sissy does and it seems quite stressful from watching her scramble to study! :o good luck to you!

  2. just stumbled across your blog and you are SO adorable! love your entire outfit! and great little advice to keep us from stressing out!
    xo TJ

  3. Love the color of that dress :)! The whole thing is great!