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Z at 5 months

Zaden Eliot turned 5 months old last Tuesday. He has recently found his voice and is quite the chatter box. I talk and play silly games with Z throughout the day but something I have been focusing on is the word mama. About 2 weeks ago I started taking Z to the bathroom mirror with me for about 3 minutes every morning. I would point at me and say mama and then point at him and say bubba. Well sometime between then and the end of last weekend I'm pretty sure he made the connection that I'm mama! We have noticed that whenever he cries he says mama until I hold him and comfort him. I can't wait for him to randomly say mama one day when he's happy and I know he has definitely made the connection. For now crying and bellowing mama works for me (; Another random word that Z has been saying frequently is habla (which means speak in spanish). I found it both clever and funny.

Zaden is such a curious little guy and will reach for anything and everything and put it in his mouth. I have to keep a close eye on him at all times. He loves reaching out for phones, cords, hair, and pretty much anything we don't want him to yank or put in his mouth. During our playtime he has been yanking lots of hair from my head. Whenever he does this I remind him that I'm going to be the ugliest mom when he goes to kindergarten with bald spots all along my head. I know he doesn't understand me but I think it's funny and I like pretending that he thinks it's funny too when I see him grinning back at me.

Baby Z is fascinated with his feet and hates wearing shoes and socks! He loves it when people kiss his toes and play with his feet. I've never kissed or understood why parents kissed baby feet until I had a baby myself but they are so darn cute. Heck, even Aunt Ti who HATES feet kisses his little feet. We like to call his toes "monkey toes" since he loves grabbing things out of his reach with them and pulling them up towards his hands and then towards his mouth. Whenever it's a bit chilly I try to put socks on him and I turn my head around for a brief moment and at least one sock is off. He is super sneaky when mama isn't looking (;

Zaden is very strong and moves his little legs at a million miles per hour. Once this little guy starts crawling I will always be on the go chasing after him. He is a very tough baby and is constantly hitting himself with his Sophie and other toys. I have yet to introduce him to some of his plastic and wooden toys since I know he is bound to accidentally hit himself. He enjoys smacking Sophie up against everything and everyone in order to hear the little squeak she makes! One of his favorite times to throw Sophie around is while his dad is watching him while playing a video game. Daryl gets quite the beating from our tough little guy!

Nursing Zaden is something I will always cherish, especially at this age. I love the way he strokes my hand with his as he slowly begins to drift off. I love it when he takes a break and just looks at me and gives me the biggest smile and coo's. I love knowing that I can provide all of the nourishment his little body needs. Co-sleeping with our little guy has made nursing throughout the night so much easier and helps us all get a better nights rest. Waking up in the morning and seeing his little perfectly round face looking up at me ready to start the day always makes my morning. 

5 month Zaden is my favorite Zaden. I can't imagine things getting any better than this. I guess I'll have to see what the future has in store.
Zaden's outfit: Shirt, Carters// Leggings, Carters (stamped by me)


  1. He is an absolute doll!



  2. He really is so precious. And he's growing up so fast! I feel like it was just yesterday that you were posting your maternity style series!

  3. i can't believe he is 5 months already, though. this baby boy is so beautiful, sometimes i can't believe it. these pictures of him are so great - the cutest close ups of his face and those sweet facial expressions of his.

    he's the best. can't believe he'll be running around being weird like natalie one day. 5 month zaden is my favorite too!

  4. he is the cutest - absolutely adorable!

  5. Five months is a GREAT age! I loved 4-6 months for babies...they are old enough to smile and interact, but small enough to stay where you out them:) I will say, every age is fun with your first child because it is all so fun and changes constantly. Enjoy! He is beautiful:)

  6. OMG Cecilia, hey is the cutest bundle of joy, he definetly takes after his mommy, looks exactly like you!!:) Happy 5 months to baby Zaden. Awww too cute, have a great day:)

    kisses, Sasha

  7. he is too adorable!


  8. Okay, you've got yourself a cutie there!! :)