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Black Friday and Shop Said Kelley

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. Ours was very low key and spent at home in comfortable clothes, filled with delicious food, laughter, cuddles, and naps; my favorite way to spend any holiday (; We also did a bit of Black Friday shopping last night, Daryl found an amazing deal on the Nintendo 3DS XL with Zelda (limited edition bundle)! We got it for only $150 at Target which is unheard of and in my opinion, ten times cooler than the original. I personally love the gold and black look. Daryl did a bit of research (on reddit, ha) and the deal isn't even being advertised, so there might even be a few left in stock if you run over to your local Target!

Anyway, back when Daryl and I got married I found this adorable blue poncho at a cute Native American store in Washington but we decided not to get it. Fast forward almost two years later and this awesome new online vintage thrift shop (Shop Said Kelley) contacts me about featuring a piece of clothing from her shop. As I was scrolling through all of her awesome vintage items I came across this adorable poncho. It's almost identical to the one in Washington so I figured I was meant to have an awesome poncho one way or another.

Kelley Larson, the talented lady behind Shop Said Kelley, is a mother by day and a musician by night. In my package she included her CD and this lady's vocals are incredible. It turns out we also have a lot in common. We both had a baby in our first year of marriage, have a thing for thrifting, and have a love for all things vintage. While you are browsing online for Black Friday deals, be sure to check out Shop Said Kelley. She always offers free shipping to the US which is always a bonus in my book (;

PS: Isn't Zaden just the cutest little guy in beanies? I can't get enough.. MUST. OWN. ALL. THE. BABY. BEANIES!!

Outfit details:
Poncho: c/o Shop Said Kelley
Leggings: Nordstrom
Flats: Charlotte Russe
Headband: Forever 21 

Z's outfit details:
Sweater: Genuine OshKosh 
Jeans: OshKosh
Beanie: Walmart
Shoes: Baby Gap


  1. I adore your poncho!! What a beautiful color, and it looks great on you! And that Nintendo DS is a serious score, nice one. :D

  2. .87 at Walmart?! I must have all the beanies as well and bought like 10 of those haha!! Love your blog. :)

  3. What a kick butt sweater! I have to imagine it is super cozy too!

  4. I love baby beanies too haha. It's what I always end up buying my niece and nephew. I love that shade of blue! Gorgeous!

  5. That is a lovely poncho and so no trend! Just gorg,love it, and cute blog too. Following via Bloglovin.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC