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Healthy Lifestyle for Myself + My Family

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Photos taken in Provo Ivory Model Home thanks so much Laurie Putnam

Living a healthy lifestyle is something I prioritize for both myself and my family. I love working out several days a week and try to eat as healthy as I possibly can. However, eating healthy while pregnant isn't always the easiest. During my first trimester I found myself having many food aversions and I didn't have much of an appetite. However, as soon as I got into my second trimester I found myself much hungrier this time around than my pregnancy with Zaden.

I'm not perfect and I indulged a little too much during this second trimester however, I have been slowly working on getting myself back to the gym and making healthier food choices for myself and baby #2! Zaden has quite the sweet tooth like his mama and is a picky eater so it's hard to find healthy foods he enjoys eating. When I do find something he really likes I make it very often.

 I have been slowly working on cooking more home cooked meals and buying healthier snack options for myself and my family the last couple of weeks. Cereal is tricky because usually the cereals with the fun cartoons and colorful boxes are the cereals Zaden wants when we go grocery shopping. While grocery shopping at our local Sams Club last week, I picked out the new Cheerios Multi Grain + Ancient Grains. When pulling it out before taking these photos to my pleasant surprise Zaden was very anxious to try it.

I wish I would have videotaped his reaction! When he reached his little hand in the bag for his first fist full of cereal and shoved it into his mouth his eyes widened! He said, "Mmmmmm! Cereal good for me." Which means that a food tastes good, lol. While I was setting up and taking photos he kept shoving more and more of the cereal down. He absolutely loved it! Since taking these photos he has ate this for breakfast nearly every morning and has picked this cereal to snack on during the day.

I love the different textures the ancient grains bring to the cereal and the variety of taste! With only 5 grams of sugar and 17 grams of whole grains per serving this is an amazing cereal to add to my greek yogurt for a quick and satisfying snack in between meals or with almond milk and fruit in the morning for breakfast!

The two photos before the last photo are of vitamins. I make sure and give Z his vitamins daily and take a prenatal for both myself and baby boy. I love starting out the day with a healthy breakfast and eating Cheerios Multi Grain + Ancient Grains does the job. Make sure and check it out at your local Sams Club since you get 2 bags in one giant box (;


  1. these edits are siiiiiiiick. SO f*ckin good. just had to say so.

  2. What a cutie!! I love cereal so much, and haven't thought about cheerios since I was a kid! I will have to try :)

    xo Lacey

  3. These pictures are darling and Z looks so old in these!!! Love you three😉

  4. love love love your kitchen!! i need some cereal now!! mmmm!

  5. I wish I had a kitchen like that. Your little man looks precious, and these sound so tasty! Cheerios are my favorite cereal for munching on:).

  6. I was like, "Serious kitchen envy!!" So beautiful.
    It's such a triumph when kids will eat healthy food! Yay cheerios! I love eating them with sliced bananas.